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It’s the million dollar question that SEO experts and website owners across the world are asking! Exactly how much time should you spend blogging each day?

The problem that most people have when answering this question is that we’re all different – writing a 500 word blog might take one person 10 minutes, whilst it might take another person the best part of two hours.

In this article we’re going to look at answering this question from various angles.

Take a qualitative approach

Instead of aiming to churn out X number of articles during X period of time each day, you should instead just set aside a reasonable amount of time in which you can research and write a really interesting blog post.

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If you’re unable to complete the blog post in one session, leave it half-written and finish it the next day. If you find that your research takes you much deeper into the issue than you’d envisaged, take five sessions to complete it.

The longer you spend on a piece of writing the better it’s likely to be. The more original and informative an article is, the better it’s going to attract links.

Five articles written in an hour each might attract no links and no readers – whereas one article that takes the best part of 20 hours to write might be a revelation bringing in thousands of links and torrents of traffic.

Although lots of blogs are good, those blogs should offer value and real information to readers – they shouldn’t just be published for the sake of it, because your SEO guy has told you the more content the better.

Carefully planned, well executed blog posts are much preferable to “hammer content”.

When to blog

Some people blog first thing in the morning, others blog last thing at night. Some people manage to find a spare 10 minutes during their lunch break; others don’t have time at all.

It’s entirely up to you when you choose to blog.

If you have days packed full of work and little time to yourself it might be worth dedicating half an hour to blogging at weekends.

Got no time at all? Outsource!

If you have no time at all to dedicate to blogging on a daily basis, the best thing to do is to outsource. Outsourcing your writing work is relatively cheap in a lot of cases – so it’s not only convenient for you, it’s also cost effective.

Just remember that the person you outsource to probably won’t have the same eye for detail as you have, and they probably won’t share the same in-depth knowledge on the topic that you have.

With that in mind you should be careful about who you outsource to – it’s not always easy to find a writer who’s qualified to fill your boots.

Blogging is an important part of SEO nowadays so don’t overlook it. If you’ve not got the time to blog yourself, pay someone else to instead.

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  1. Kelly Jenne

    Hey Steven – good post what I liked about it was that it points out how different we all are when it comes to blogging and the amount of time we spend on it.

    I come from a very academic background, where I spent 8 years learning proper techniques in academic research & writing- a stark contrast from how blogs are generally written, with more informal language and a ‘less-is-more’ attitude. Because of this, I find myself getting caught up in making sure what I write is backed up by another body of research, properly cited & written from a third person point of view. I often have to take a step back, revisit some of the blogs I find most enjoyable to read, and then try to take that style of writing back to mine. Although I’m getting better, I still find myself lagging behind some of my colleagues who are able to create a post in half the time I take.

  2. Matt Crawford (@socialstratmatt)

    Nice one Steven. I’ve found recently if I research right before I sleep, I dream/ think about the topic through the night and then capture ideas as soon as I wake up.

    1. Steven

      I almost always do the same. Nothing beats passive work ;)

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