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If you want to build a large, responsive blogging audience focus heavily on 1 concept: giving. Giving freely of your time and talents makes your job as a blogger much easier. Why? All blogging success tips hinge on giving in 1 way, shape or form.

Example; if you need more page views give more people page views. The idea is silly really, because most smart bloggers are aware of sowing and reaping. Tips for blogging success focus on this core idea: that which you offer freely returns to you multiplied.

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Promote people to make friends. Friends promote you in return. See how simple and easy this concept works? Let us dive into these blogging success tips so you can grow a monstrous, responsive blogging audience today.

blogging success tips

1. Promote People Aggressively to Promote Yourself

I am a member of multiple tribes, or groups of people who promote one another. I promote 20, or 30, or 50 people on tribes and many of these individuals promote me in return.

Use this most powerful of blogging success tips to drive a serious amount of targeted readers to your blog. One note: make sure to join tribes from within your niche. This ensures that most of your new readers are of the targeted variety.

2. Write 1 Blog Post Daily

Or more, because big audiences tend to dig frequent, relevant content. By writing frequently you can more effectively expand your presence online and draw value-seeking readers to your blog.

If you want to make your site one of those blog success stories then do this: write, write and write, and then write some more. Your audience grows as your blogging skills improve. Remember this before you want to take off today and tomorrow, throwing in the blogging towel because you are sick of churning out posts.

3. Clear the Inner World

Clearing the inner world is code for: “doing personal development for at least 30 minutes daily.” Blogging success tips are built on a solid foundation of self help.

You must work on the inner world to see outer results. Example; I sometimes get frustrated if things are not moving along slowly with my blogs. I too want to be one of those successful blogger stories you read about, and I am, in many ways. So instead of charging forward from a place of anger – how I used to act – I move forward calmly, because I meditate for 30 minutes daily.

Changing your mindset changes your blogging life.

4. Engage Frequent

Pro blogging tips vary in this respect; “frequently” can mean responding to 4 comments for each post, or to every comment, even if you generate 20 or 30 comments.

I am from this school: if you spend 40 minutes or longer responding to each comment, well, good for you….but I just wrote a 1500 word blog post for during that time frame ;) Get serious about writing. Engage frequently but learn to cut the strings once you find yourself spending 10, 20 or even 60 minutes responding to comment on current or old posts.

5. Let Go Old Underachieving Blogging Buddies

I am no blogging snoot but I do know that learning from pro bloggers is one of the most intelligent blogging success tips you could ever follow. Following pro bloggers means releasing junior varsity, or newbie, bloggers, because you only have 24 hours each day to spend.

Example; you cannot spend 6 hours connecting with average bloggers and another 6 networking with pro bloggers. If you want to build a massive blog readership hang out with folks who have massive readerships. Take notes. Put their knowledge into action. Let go old, underachieving blogging buddies to make room for successful, new blogging buddies.

6. Push Yourself More Each Day

This has to be blog post #10 for me today. Or is it blog post number 12? Heck, I have no clue, but I do know that I push myself like an animal each day to reach new levels of blogging success. When I become more successful I can share my blogging success tips with you, which is one of my chief goals.

I also: make more money through Google Adsense, attract more ghostwriting clients and attract more leads for my home business too. Pro blogging is all about acting like a pro. This means pushing yourself to work longer, and more persistently, each day, because you become a professional by moving out of your comfort zone daily. Yes, your comfort zone expands as you do ;)

7. Shut Down Your Social Networking Sites for Hours Each Day

How do I write this post in 40 minutes? Number 1: I shut down EVERYTHING else in my life, including social networking sites, to reduce the chatter, the noise, the chaos, and then, voila! Creativity hits me like a roaring rapid, showering me in creative, prospering blogging ideas.

Social networking sites do rock, but you might just doom yourself – and your enchanting blogging stories – if you spend too much time listening to other people and not enough time improving your writing skills, by writing. Once you improve your writing skills a large audience tends to follow you.

8. Spend Time Deep in Thought

If you want to know how to be a blogger learn how to sit deep in thought. Add this to your personal development time. By sitting and thinking an amazing thing happens; you begin to change your blogging campaign if the campaign needs changes.

Noting your mistakes and making corresponding corrections can accelerate your blogging success in a big way. I find successful ideas by sitting in a quiet room and rethinking my blogging strategies, or plans, from time to time. Sitting with these ideas, good and bad, will increase the size of your blogging audience quickly.

Blogging combined with thinking creates a powerful combination. Think more to blog intelligently.

9. Be Patient

The biggest mistake I made as a blogger was being ridiculously impatient. I was a fool. I wrote 1 well-read post on an authority sites and figured, “Hey, I made it.” Blogging success tips are built on the idea of being brutally patient. I never suggest waiting around for new readers, or for somebody to discover you, but as you push forward be super patient.

This blogging gig is not easy and it is not for everybody. How much time would you spend opening up and tending to a corner store? You might work 8 hours a day for 6 to 7 days a week or you might work even longer hours. If you desire the tips of blogging success tips it is this: patiently work and be sure to work intelligently.

Reaching blogging goals requires you to push through perceived limiting beliefs. Uncovering these doubts and pushing through these false ideas can be a painful, sometimes brutal experience. Patience is the salve which you can slap on your blogging wounds, because each time you blast through a doubt you gain a little more strength and persistence during the process.

10. Write Guest Posts

I saved the best of blogging success tips for last. Writing guest posts introduces you to monstrous, targeted audiences. Example; I generate some 200 retweets on my most popular blog posts after a few days, or maybe a week if the post becomes popular. gets 200 to 300 retweets quickly, within a few days after posting.

Ste runs a well-read blog. By posting here and on other blogs I effectively drive traffic to my blogs. Blogging stories – especially the inspiring ones – start from humble beginnings. By guest posting you can move from your humble beginnings to a more high profile, successful blogging career.

Blogging success tips which really work well are readily consumable on the web. You may have seen a few of these steps before. Ask yourself the question: “Have I acted on these steps?” Then, “Am I acting on these steps now?” Be brutally honest as you listen for the clear and definite answer.

I lived in fantasy land for years as a blogger. I understand this and want you to avoid these mistakes I made. Hey, I am human, so I do not always walk my walk, but I have already written 9 posts in the past month on Dukeo and have about 4 posts in the queue now which should hit the wires soon. I will max out on the posts Ste accepts for as long as I as I am a blogger, and independent of what posts are accepted, or not, because I am darn hungry to grow my blogging audience.

If you too want to share blogging success tips with your audience write a guest post now. Submit the post to a well read blog. Do not fear getting rejected as every prolific blogger must deal with reject *more than the average blogger!* Once you can accept this idea and follow the steps mentioned above you will be well on your way to using each of these blogging success tips to grow your audience to astounding proportions.

What steps do you take on a daily basis?

What steps can you add to this list?

How are you growing your audience?

Please share your blogging success tips below, OK?

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  1. Deina

    Great post Ryan! :) Though, I think that writing 10 or more posts a day may decrease the value of them. Isn’t writing three long, valuable articles much better? Or even an article per week so you have time to think of what valuable information you will give to your audience next time?

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Thanks Deina! Really whatever vibes with you. The more I practice/post the better a writer I become. Getting through the “burn out” block was a big relief for me. But until you reach that point, by pushing yourself, I suggest a few quality articles daily. Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Missy Chappell

    Do serious bloggers have other jobs? I ask because I am a single Mom of 3 and I work 2 jobs to the tune of about 50hrs per week. I also take graduate classes and workout regularly. With only 24 hrs in a day, I fail to see how I can successfully follow your tips. I only started my blog last week & my page itself needs serious help. My sole focus has been writing. I definitely think your ideas are right on the mark, but how do you find the time?

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Hi Missy, you do not find the time, you MAKE the time ;) What do you most want in life? Once you find this driver you stay up later and wake earlier. You quit 1 job and tighten your buckle to make ends meets while devoting time to your dream job, if it is blogging. You really need to push yourself to the limit, but as a guy who has done this, it is worth it, trust me ;) Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Missy Chappell

      Funny that my blog post Saturday was about making excuses….perhaps I should look at my own!

      Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am seeing where this goes for now and trying to make more time. I have had many people tell me that I should find a job as a writer or professional speaker, but I’ve never had the courage to throw caution to the wind and give it a try. At this point in my life, I have reached a point of having nothing to lose by trying, so just maybe I will!

      If you had time to read a couple of my posts and offer feedback, the advice would be welcome!

      Thanks again!

    3. Ryan Biddulph

      Go forward Missy with faith in yourself!

      You never have anything to lose.

      I write these words from the most enchanting cloud forest on earth in Costa Rica.

      And 5 years ago I was a miserable security officer lol….anything is possible if you will go for your dreams :)

  4. Emman Fortes

    Thank for the tips, as a new blogger, i really need this kind of tips, sometime i‘m running out of topic to write, but because of some tips i read, i learned a lot. i can generate something to blog. it give me an idea of what to blog.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Yep by reading quite a few blogs you can generate more creative ideas, and become a posting machine ;0

      Emman, keep on reading. You will note that as you read you will become inspired to rock it out ;)

  5. Eli@coachdaddy

    Every day, I read blogs from writers who’ve commented on my posts, and one each, at least, from Word Press reader, Feedly, Google+ and Twitter. I’ll share a link to some of those blogs, as well as any I might have posted that day (or one from the past if I have not) on all those sites.

    Adding meditation to my routine would benefit much more than just my writing! Great suggestion.

    I grow my readership slowly, by commenting on others’ blogs thoughtfully. I never ask for a follow. I want it to happen naturally.

    Another smart thing I do is read blogs such as yours here. Thanks for the great advice.

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