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The guides all tell you that anybody, regardless of skill, knowledge or experience, can build a successful blog, but I think they’re stretching the truth a bit.

I think you need these five requirements before you even start thinking about it.

You have to be willing to put in the time

You might blog for six months before you make your first ten bucks, and it might be another year before you start seeing a steady run of 20 bucks a month. No successful blogger ever reached that six-figure income level over night. Most blogged for at least three years before they could even quit their jobs.

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And there’s more. If you’re only planning to put in two hours a day, three or four days a week, it’s going to take you even longer to be successful – if it ever happens at all. You must be willing to put in the time – for a long time – if you want to make the money.

You have to be willing to do the grunt work

Marketing your blog is sometimes pure torture but the idea that “If you build it they will come” is poppycock. There’s a new blog built every second. That means there are billions of blogs on the Web, too many for someone to “find” you. You have to go find your audience, and that means joining social networks, commenting on blogs, guest blogging and content marketing, keyword research and dozens of other mundane tasks.

You have to be interesting

That’s not to say you have to be a comedy writer or an award-winning author but you do need to develop a writing style that engages your readers. You also have to be able to identify the needs of your specific audience and be unique in your presentation. There are dozens of blogs in every niche and you’re all competing for attention. If your readers wanted “just the facts” they could visit those other blogs. But they’ll come to you if you make your content interesting. Why is that information relevant to your readers?

You have to realize it’s not about you

You have to realize from the very beginning that nobody visits your blog to make you happy. They don’t go to Joe Blow’s blog because they want to make sure Joe Blow makes money. People visit blogs for their own selfish needs – They want answer to their own questions. When you meet those needs they’re happy, but if you don’t they’re going to go somewhere else.

In the grand scheme of things they really don’t care about you at all. It’s nothing personal. Once you finally realize that your readers are selfish you’ll stop worrying about whether or not they like you and you’ll start focusing on giving them what they want. And that’s when you’ll finally start getting what YOU want.

You have to be able to focus

You have to be willing to turn of the TV, hide your phone, shut down the games and close the door – for hours and hours every day. You have to focus on educating yourself because the more you know the stronger your business will be. You have to focus on analyzing your stats. In short, you have to focus everything it takes to build a business. You have to be willing to give your blog your complete, undivided attention.

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  1. Santel

    Thank Steven,

    There are a lot of truths in what you said. I blogged for 5 years now and my blog didn’t grow in a way I wanted.

    I believe to build a successful blog, we need a good foundation and mindset behind.

    You mentioned a lot of them and I do agree that we can’t talk about how good day it is today. Or anything else that not related to help people to archive something.

    At least we need to inspire them and ask them to take action.

    And to my experience, we should avoid blogging about too general topic.

    As you mentioned, people come to your blog to look for solution,

    We need to try our own way to provide that solution.

    I wish everybody good luck in their blogging journey.

    1. Steven

      Thanks a lot for your comment Santel! I love hearing about other people’s experience.

  2. Ana Lucia Novak

    Your blog post is refreshing and honest. I have been advising clients, friends etc. that it will take time building an audience, growing an email list, and that it requires our commitment to participate and engage with others online. I have a method called the PCP Method :persistency.consistency.patience
    Offer up informative, educational, entertaining content, and as you said, comment on others blogs and share across social channels. As you continue to be consistent online as a giver and helper, traction builds and a ripple effect occurs, but the key thing here is the commitment to offer value daily and making it all about your readers (visitors).

    1. Steven

      Thanks a lot for your nice words Ana Lucia. I like your three-steps approach. From my own experience, I realized that giving away tons of information without expecting anything in return is a very good way to build the relationship with your email subscribers.

  3. Lisa

    Hi Steven!

    I think you hit on some major important points for anyone that wants to succeed at blogging. I have met so many people who start blogging but do not follow one or more of the prerequisites you mention, especially the first and second ones. If you put in the time and work, anyone can succeed!
    Thanks for a helpful post.

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