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If this list looks too big you have a poverty consciousness. That’s it. I challenged you. Before I started to make money blogging I complained about receiving “too much” information. No such thing. Either you allow or reject information. Your choice.

Smart, prospering bloggers consume information, or knowledge, voraciously. So get reading! As for the poverty-consciousness mention, most people on earth struggle to make money because most people think about lack and limitation instead of thinking about possibilities. Most bloggers fall into this poor-thinking lot and struggle to make money blogging from home.

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Why? Mindset, mindset, mindset. Money flows to wealthy-feeling bloggers. Money sprints from the poverty-ridden blogger.

make money blogging exclusive tips

1. Work on Your Mind

People who feel broke reject money-making advice. People who feel rich – even if they have 4 cents in their pocket – listen to and act on good advice immediately. People who feel rich spend 30 minutes or more daily meditating, visualizing or affirming to feel happy, healthy and rich.

Happiness, health and riches follow people who work on their mindset. Take time each day to drop everything, walk into a quiet room and work on your mindset. Watch how easily money-making ideas, people and circumstances flow to you.

2. Monetize from Day 1

Many bloggers never make money blogging because they never open channels through which they can prosper. Money will not seek you out unless you seek money out. Seeking money out means opening up channels through which you can prosper.

Consider; Google Adsense, offering your consulting services or writing paid guest posts or articles as monetization channels. Make money blogging by giving yourself the chance to make money blogging.

One note; easy on the ads. Cool blogs go heavy on the value-packed content and light on advertisements. Stun people with value, not bells and whistles.

3. Study Successful Bloggers

Prospering pros leave blogging clues. If you want to know how to start blogging emulate the top bloggers from your niche. Pros teach you blog-worthy topics, how to set up your blog and how frequently you should post. Tweak their advice a little bit to suit your needs but do stick to the fundamentals if you want to make money blogging.

Successful bloggers teach you all that you need to know when it comes to cashing in. Listen up. Prosper.

4. Invest in Your Blogging Exploits

If you wanted an offline office job you likely had to invest in at least a shirt and tie, or a dress, for an interview. You probably had to go to college, depending on your job, to land a professional gig. Serious bloggers know that trying to make money online without investing a penny can lead to ruin.

Consider investing in tools to make your job easier. Stop trying to manually post to 100 or more groups; using tools helps you reach targeted readers at the click of a mouse.

Also consider buying products to shorten your learning curve. Don’t be stingy as a few hundred dollars spent wisely now to grow into tens of thousands of dollars worth of profit in the future.

5. Make Money Blogging – Write at Least Once Daily

People who make money in any venture or through any job work frequently, in most cases, or they had to work frequently until they made it big. I have to laugh at bloggers who post once each week; how do you expect to make money blogging if you practice honing your writing skills for 2 or 4 hours each week?

Professional bloggers are professional writers; you must learn how to use words to connect with individuals. Practice writing for at least 1 hour daily to improve your writing skills. Write for 2 or 3 hours daily to put your blogging career into overdrive. Wise bloggers know that persistent, diligent practice precedes spectacular results.

6. Ask for Feedback

One of the easiest ways to make money blogging is to ask for feedback via your posts or newsletter. Allow a third party to share their opinion with you for a fresh, new perspective. How do blogs make money? This one is quite easy. You ask for feedback from people concerning your design, writing style, layout and the overall experience of a visitor stopping by your blog.

I often receive the best feedback from people who rarely read blogs or hop online. A less experienced individual sees things we online veterans take for grated. For example, an older person might tell you to increase your font size for easier readability. Experienced entrepreneurs might tend to overlook such a detail as they tend to rush through their day, and simply skim blog posts.

7. Make Your Blog an Industry Resource

The biggest mistake of my blogging career rested on the fact that I tried to get readers to do 1 thing; sign up for my list. Here was the problem: I gave readers no reasons to stick around. I posted an banner ad pointing to my squeeze page. How can you make money blogging unless you make your blog an industry resource?

I tried to build a list and failed horrible. After considerable research I learned that pro bloggers set up internal links, and link up to related posts and popular posts. All the pros stuff their blogs with valuable, usable content, influencing people to stick around, stay a while and build a relationship with the blogger.

Picture yourself running a comprehensive, well-read blog. Link up to old or relevant content. Link out to reputable sites from your niche. To make money blogging think of your blog as an end-all, be-all website. If people ran a Google search for your keyword and found your blog, what would they think?

8. Write Guest Posts

I can only attract so many readers through my blog. If I guest post I can attract many more readers quickly. Use guest posting to make money blogging by leveraging your presence. Tapping into new, targeted readerships by submitting valuable, insightful guest posts is the smart way to reach an increasing number of people in a short period of time.

9. Detach from Outcomes

Far and away, learning to detach from money outcomes was the most difficult obstacle for me to overcome. I liked flipping out after I worked so intelligently and persistently yet saw little growth in the cash flow department.

After patiently addressing this wicked block I decided to stop worrying about me, and my money situation, and to start focusing on creating for others. I wrote like a mad man, filmed videos, promote other people and finally, the money flowed in through multiple channels. Oh good! I have 2 more tips for you based on the prior sentence ;)

10. Promote Bloggers Aggressively

Make money blogging by helping your buddies to make money blogging. Give out whatever you wish to receive. Promote other bloggers to make new friends, build your network and leverage your presence.

Marketing other people is the quickest and easiest way to prosper. Why? Popular people attract legions of friends and fans who readily expand their presence. Once you promote other bloggers persistently other bloggers promote you persistently, placing your content in front of hungry, new, prying sets of eyeballs.

11. Steadily Add Income Streams

I noted monetizing your blog from Day 1….but whoa, hold on cowboys and cowgirls! It takes time to add income streams because each stream requires you to learn a disciple. Example; post ads on your blog from Day 1. After posting advertisements you need to learn where to place the ads, what size ads to use and of course, you need to create content like a champion to make your ads clickable.

To make money blogging you must learn the nuances of each income stream. After writing 1 post daily for months consider adding streams like offering your ghostwriting services or writing paid articles. Charging and getting paid becomes more likely if you develop your writing skills.

12. Keep Your Job….or Get a Job

One of the worst ways to make money blogging is to force your blog to pay the bills. This mistake forces you to do silly, downright stupid stuff. Desperate people take desperate measures which repel readers and money. Calm, confident bloggers listen to good advice and act on the advice.

If you have money in the bank blogging for money becomes a less daunting venture. You can act with patience and confidence if you are not trying to put food on the table by blogging.

If you have left your job to start blogging and have struggled horribly start working now. Get a job. Make some money offline and then you will find it easier to make money blogging.

13. Never Ever Give Up!

You have heard this before but take this tip to heart more than any other tip. Virtually all bloggers who make 5 or 6 figures yearly through their blogging efforts experienced months of making pennies or less. Never give up. You might feel the urge to quit after working hard, and intelligently, for many months, and seeing few tangible results, but allow the feeling to pass and conquer your demons.

Learn all that you need to know by persisting through thick and thin. Make money blogging by attacking your obstacles and learning from your failures.

Do you use these strategies to make money blogging?

What tips can you add to make money blogging?

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  1. Yogesh Mandge

    Hello Ryan,
    These Are Some Extremely Usefull Tips,
    Agree with Your All Tips & Specially with Write One Article Daily & Writing Guest Post :D
    This Will Surely Help in Boosting ROI :)
    Thanks For Sharing!

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Certaintly Yogesh! Writing 1 article or more daily boosts your writing skill set quickly. Pushing yourself creates amazing circumstances in your life, no matter where you might be now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nirmala

    Great post Ryan!

    I always read something useful from your each post.

    Here too, I like your second point related to seeking money and accepting it.

    Some tips I knew already but am unaware of few tips which you’ve explained here to make money blogging.

    Will try to implement it, thanks for writing the exceptional blogging tips.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Seeking and accepting money Nirmala, this is a tough one for most people. We tend to reject money making opportunities instead of embracing these vehicles….being on the lookout for dough can help ;)

  3. Malhar Barai

    Awesome points Ryan!!

    I have seen many folks adopting downright wrong techniques to early money from blog and so loved #12. Easing monetary pressures from your blog will always help you to writing quality stuff.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Yep buddy it is SO important to use proven, effective tips as a newbie blogger….discipline yourself to do what the pros do, as a newb and you will become a veteran quickly…..or should, at least….;)

  4. Aida

    Hey Ryan,
    Thank you for this article. It’s useful, concentrated without any bla bla and I relate to some of your points not just for my blog, but to other things in life. Funny that I found this article on my facebook news posted by a friend accidentally because it seems to me like I needed that right now. Awesome!

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      No accidents in this Universe Aida ;) My clicking through you were meant to be here. So happy to have helped and yep I try to adopt a short and punchy to the point style to benefit you….and me too ;)

  5. Kasia Mcnaught

    Thanks for these tips, I have been guest blogging for a while, but have just started focussing on my personal blog. If you suggest that 1 blog should go up per day, could this frequency of blog postings not annoy followers / subscribers or followers of Facebook / Twitter pages, since people get bombarded with spam and they might find a daily email / blog a bit much?

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      If you have rabid fans Kasia they will not look at your awesome content as spam ;)

      Does somebody get annoyed with posting so many times daily? Nope. News, and the more good news you can provide to your followers the more popular you will become.


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