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Some bloggers post once a day, five days a week. Other post six or eight times a day, every single day. Still others post once week, once a month, or whenever the heck they feel like it.

What’s the best frequency? That’s between you and your readers, but what matters most is your posting rhythm.

It’s true that the more frequently you post the faster you’ll increase your traffic. Each new post is another URL, one more shareable link for you and your readers, and one more post another blogger can link to.

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There is no right or wrong posting frequency.

If you’re running a news blog or a celebrity blog you may have to post many times each day just to keep up with all the news, but even then it’s more important that you post consistently, rather than frequently.

Many of your readers visit lots of blogs, not just yours. And naturally, since they visit these blogs on a regular basis, they get to know the posting frequency of the different bloggers and they develop their own schedule for visiting based on that posting frequency.

If, for whatever reason, you break from that posting schedule and disappear for a while, some of them will think you’ve abandoned your blog.

That’s not to say you always have to adhere to a strict schedule, but it does help. You can always let your readers know you’re taking a week off and you’ll be back with something over-the-top and brilliant, but make sure you come back on the day you promise.

What’s The Best Blogging Rhythm?

The best rhythm is whatever works best for you. If you stick to it, your readers will adjust. Here are some things to consider:

In the beginning, most of your posts will be short and sweet: You’re still learning about the mechanics of blogging and how to write good content.

It may only take you an hour to write, format and publish at this point so you’re going to feel like you can publish six or eight posts a day.

Everything about your blog is going to grow and improve: You’re going to become more knowledgeable about content creation and you’ll want to spend more time creating remarkable content.

You’re also going to increase your topic knowledge and your posts will become more informative and detailed.

Your readers are also going to grow along with you and they’ll come to expect this more in-depth content.

It might take twice as long – or even longer – to create quality content now simply because everyone knows and expects so much more.

You have a business to run: You also have more things to do now to promote your blog and grow your business. You need to network, create products and build multiple streams of income. You have a lot more to do than just write blog posts when you get to this point.

Never sacrifice quality for quantity: It’s much better to post only 3 or 4 times a week if that’s what it takes to give you the time you need to produce quality content.

Communicate with your readers: In the beginning, publish as frequently as possible and still have time to promote your content and generate traffic.

Once you start seeing good traffic numbers and your tasks increase, let your readers know that you’re going to back off on your frequency so you can have time to create the quality content they’re looking for.

Then, if you have time to write an extra post, go ahead and publish or, better yet, schedule to post according to your new schedule and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Set up a blogging frequency that works for both you and your readers, that allows you enough time to create top-quality content. If that means you can only publish twice a week, so be it. Your readers are much more concerned about your blogging rhythm than they are your frequency.

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