Blogging Professionally Is This a Potential Career?

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Blogging Professionally: Is This a Potential Career?

So many people are coming to the Internet with dollar signs in their eyes. They hear about these big name bloggers making six-figure incomes and they’re ready to make their mark in Cyberspace, too. But with thousands of new bloggers entering the marketplace every day, is there still room for more? Is there really a career in blogging or is it just a pie-in-the-sky pipe-dream?

I’m going to be honest here. Yes, you can make money blogging. But things have changed since those big name bloggers entered the marketplace. They make blogging look easy because, back then, it was.

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Most of the big bloggers you see these days started working online years ago, back when the Internet was still young. They had very little competition and readers were easily dazzled. They put together some great content, don’t get me wrong. But they didn’t have to deal with things like Google and Facebook and competitors back then. All they had to do was blog and the traffic poured in because it was unique, and entertaining, and there wasn’t anything else to do online.

These days, like I said, thousands of new blogs come online every day and some of them are pretty stiff competition. Then there’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other social networks that suck in the traffic. And let’s not forget aobut Google’s constantly changing algorithms and quality requirements.

And not only do you have to deal with all these new blogs that start up every day, those big bloggers that started years ago are still out there, pulling in traffic, too.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Because for each new blog that comes online, there are thousands of new people searching the Internet for information, too. As the competition grows, so does the audience. In essence, the biggest difference in the Internet marketplace now is that it’s much larger and a whole lot noisier.

Those big name bloggers had to work hard just to figure out how to make a blog work and they’ve had to keep working to adjust to all the changes that have taken place on the Internet. In a way, they’re trailblazers, making it a little easier for the bloggers that followed. You can be a big name blogger, too, but you’re also going to have to work hard.

In some ways, it’s a lot easier to turn blogging into a career now because of all the software and automation we have available. But those things only make it easier to reach your audience. You still need to do the work to provide the quality content they’re looking for.

To turn blogging into a career these days you have to be dedicated and look at it as a business. You can’t blog when you feel like it and take a week off, blog when you feel like it and take a week off. But if you’re determined and motivated, if you do the necessary research, and if you’re willing to work hard and learn something new almost every day of your life, then yes, there’s a career in blogging. And there’s still plenty of room in the Internet marektplace.


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  1. Chas

    Very true. But, there are also a lot of blogging scams out there now, promising overnight riches if you just purchase and plug into their ‘blogging system’~ buyer beware.

    1. Steven

      I see exactly who you are talking about, Chas. But I won’t write their name. It would be some free advertising for them ;)

  2. Tj

    Your post is a realistic view of what bloggers new and old will face today!
    In a nutshell your reference to treating your blogging efforts as a business and not a whimsical hobby says it all!

    Thanks for the frankness of your views!

    TJ :-)

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment TJ.

      People don’t realize this: if you treat your blog as a hobby, why do you expect it to make as much money as a job? If you want it to make money like a job, treat it like a job!

  3. Jeremy Head

    Well – I’d say the best way to make 6 figures is to use search term research to find what lots of people are looking for… and then bang out a really quick,obvious, skin deep post about the idea… sit back and wait for google to send you the traffic… Nice work!

    1. Steven

      Jeremy, don’t forget to balance high searched keywords with low competition keywords or you might just hit a wall by trying to compete with big guys in super competitive niches.

  4. Aisha Liebster

    i think i need to read and learn more from your blog. This is very nice share..

    1. Steven

      Thank you Aisha, I hope you’ll learn a lot of things from Dukeo

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