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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, if you want to make money with your blog then you need to treat it like a business.

If it’s just a hobby and you really don’t care if you make money or not, that’s fine.

But the minute making money becomes your goal you need to immediately change your viewpoint.

Blogging is fun.

Making money is fun.

But you’re missing a very important part of the equation – the work it takes to make money with a blog.

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You Need A Mindset

The Internet is littered with dead blogs started by newbie bloggers who all said, “Hey! That looks like it would be a fun way to make money! I think I’ll start a blog about…

The fact that you can start a blog for free, or almost nothing, makes this an easy trap to fall into. They think that since it doesn’t cost anything why not just dive right in and see what happens. If it fails, no big deal, they’ll just move on to something else.

Of course, in the end, it almost always fails because this is the mindset you have when you’re playing around with a hobby. “If this birdhouse doesn’t attract any birds when I’m done, I’ll just throw it away and go learn how to knit. After all, I don’t have anything invested in these few scraps of wood. No great loss.

You Need A Plan

To turn any hobby into a business you need a plan. Anybody can build something that resembles a bird house but if you want it to attract birds who will actually live in it, and maybe even sell birdhouses, you’re going to need a plan. A plan to build the house, a plan to attract birds, you’ll need to know what kinds of birds to attract because different birds prefer different types of houses, you’ll need a marketing plan if you plan to become a birdhouse developer, and the list goes on.

Once you decide to turn your hobby into a business you need a roadmap. You’re no longer aimlessly wandering around, now you actually want to get somewhere.

You Need Goals

And that’s the big question: What do you want to achieve? Where you do want to go? When your blog is only a hobby it’s no big deal if anybody reads it. Oh, it makes you feel good when they do, but it’s not a life-or-death situation if they don’t because it’s not your main focus in life.

But once you decide to turn your blog into a business you need to set goals to give yourself direction. It’s like that roadmap I mentioned. You’re at Point A but where do you want to go? If your answer is “Anywhere” then who know where you’ll end up? But if your answer is, “I want to go to Point B” then you’ll be better able to map out a plan that helps you achieve that goal.

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  1. Carlie Hamilton

    Agreed! If you think that this is a business you are 10x more likely to succeed as a business. I know because I spent over 12 years treating it as a hobby!

    Do everything that you would do if this was a business – because it is. I have a written business plan with budget forcasting, I have a marketing plan, and I have a business plan with vague goals far into the future. I bet all the other big guys do this as well.

    1. Steven

      That’s definitely the right way to do it Carlie.

      Why would you expect to make business-scale money from it if you don’t put business-scale effort in it?

      It puzzles me that people believe that by spending only a few hours here and there at it, they’re going to make a full-time income from it.

  2. Angie M Jordan

    I agree completely. It wasn’t until I started setting measurable goals, creating plans, and then measuring my results that I could actually start making any real money from my blog!

    And it is all about your mindset. Stop thinking of it as a just a blog or hobby, and run it like a biz.

    1. Steven

      Well done Angie!

      Setting a goal such as: “My goal is to make money from my blog” isn’t going to get you anywhere.

      You need to make it measurable so you know how close you’re getting to it and how much more effort you need to put in t reach it.

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