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You wouldn’t think there’s be much pressure when you’re a blogger. You work from home, you can set your own schedule, and all you do is write, right? Well, most bloggers have some purpose for blogging some goal they want to achieve. And any time goals enter into the picture, you’re going to have stress. Here’s how to ease the pressure of blogging.

Set Manageable Goals

You’re not the first blogger who wants to make enough money with his blog so he can quit his full-time job. But what kind of goal is that? How much money do you want to make? And what’s the time frame you’re looking at?

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Your first step is to set goals, but the more important step is to break those goals down into manageable pieces so you can actually see your progress. It’s very stressful to stand with both feet on the ground and try to jump 20 feet into the air. You jump up, you fall back down, you jump up, you fall back down. But if you use a ladder, you can easily move up a few feet at a time. Each step gives you a little more leverage and you’re always moving toward your goal.

Have A Plan

There are a lot of tasks involved in building a successful blog. Like any business, if you’re not organized things are going to fall through the cracks. When things start slipping, that’s when stress starts building.

  • Use an editorial calendar to plan your blog posts
  • Use a content calendar to plan your content marketing strategy
  • Use a Things-To-Do list to plan daily tasks

Only Write When You Have Something To Say

In the beginning it’s important to blog frequently and consistently. The faster you put content on your blog the faster your traffic grows. But once your blog starts getting some decent traffic you’re going to have other things to do, like replying to comments and promoting your content with social media and product creation.

If you try to maintain the same frequent, consistent posting frequency along with all these new tasks you’re going to see your stress levels rise. You can’t neglect posting and you can’t neglect any of your other tasks, but you can lower your posting frequency.

Many bloggers recommend that you post at least once a day, every day. But when you really read their blogs you’ll see that many times they’re just posting to be posting. A lot of their content is just mediocre with a few high-quality posts mixed in – when they have the time.

To ease this pressure of frequent blogging, only write when you have something to say that’s going to matter to your readers. Your readers don’t care how frequently you post, what they care about is content that makes a difference in their lives.

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  1. Lisa

    Perfect timing on this post Steven, I decided to take a break today and not post on Thursday as I usually do. I didn’t have anything great to post and could not get motivated. Felt way too pressured. (My own pressure) I feel behind on commenting and shares as well. So I will take a few days to get caught up and come back strong.

  2. Felicity

    Thanks for the post, it is good that you highlight breaking the tasks down. It may be obvious when you think about it, but when your head is in one of those stressed periods the obvious is so easily overlooked.

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