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Blogging Newbie Mistakes: Top 10 to Avoid

When you begin your own blog, you will find plenty of advice on what to do in order to get it started in the right way. However, how do you know what to avoid?

There are many mistakes that beginner bloggers will make. You can avoid making those mistakes quite easily as long as you know how to recognize them.

Below, you will find 10 common mistakes that new bloggers tend to make. Avoid these, and you can create the best blog.

1/ No Real Dedication

It is easy to be excited about the blog when you start it, but what about when your blog seems to be struggling to get off the ground? You have to be dedicated to power through that beginning phase and move on to a successful blog.

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2/ No Time Commitment

One big mistake is to think all you will need to do is spend a few minutes writing a quick blog post every day. Creating a successful blog requires plenty of time commitment. You will need to be prepared to research and write the blogs, follow up on comments and work on marketing.

3/ No Regularity

For your blog to be successful, you will need to update it on a regular basis. This means including new posts on a certain time frame so that readers will know when to expect them.

4/ Making it all about the Money

If your readers immediately see your blog as a way to get money, they will not continue reading it. Instead, you need to offer your readers something like solutions or advice if you want to keep them coming back.

5/ No Relationship Building

If you do not interact with any other blogs, you are missing a chance to gain readership. Instead, you need to comment on other blog posts and this will build up a network of relationships.

6/ No Linking

Using anchor text links to further information or to other pages is a great way to get others to link to you as well, which is a great way to gain traffic.

7/ No Theme

If you write about random information with no real theme or topic, your blog will seem scattered and people will not follow it for very long.

8/ Going Overboard with SEO

You may think that you need to write as much with your keywords as possible to rank well with the search engines, but if you do this, you can lose readability. Your followers will not enjoy reading this and you will actually lose traffic.

9/ No Interaction with Other Bloggers

One of the best ways to create a successful blog is to learn what other successful bloggers are doing. Reading other blogs is a good way to get pointers for your own.

10/ Including too Much Clutter

If you include numerous ads and too many widgets or other clutter, people will find your blog hard to read and it will come across unprofessionally. However, if you keep your blog clean and neat, readers will be more prone to actually read it.

If you avoid these ten mistakes with your new blog, you can make sure to gain more traffic and more readers much quicker.


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  1. Kevin V

    Awesome tips on what to avoid when you first starting a blog. Relationship and some link building are definitely right on!

    1. Steven

      That’s a mistake a lot of new bloggers are making… They build their blog and wait for the flow of traffic to come their way… Bad news: you can’t build a blog hidden your cave. Building strong relationships is a must to get your blog to be well-known.

  2. Tom Wozniak

    Great tips! I think that a lot of new bloggers get hung up on your first two tips. They launch a new blog and are excited to get rolling. But when it doesn’t take off in the first week and start generating tons of comments and site traffic, they get discouraged and eventually stop writing. While it is possible to ramp up a good blog and start getting traffic fairly quickly, it doesn’t happen over night. Sticking with it is a real key to creating a successful, long-term blog.

    1. Steven

      Determination is a very important thing to build a successful blog.

      I agree with you on the fact that it is possible to start getting traffic pretty quickly, but when you don’t leverage connections or previous web properties (which is the case for most of the new bloggers), you have to be patient and go on posting new content to your blog diligently then (and only then) eventually they will come.

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