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In some circles bloggers have a poor reputation. Bloggers don’t “make the news” they just repeat it, over and over again, and a lot of them don’t even do a good job of that. However, blogs are supposed to be different than news sites and they’re supposed to be a little more personal and opinionated, that’s what makes them attractive for readers. But, you can do a lot to improve your reputation and attract more traffic if you stop writing “blog posts” and start writing “articles.

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In the blogging world it’s a mind-set thing and I’m guilty of it myself. I had a completely different attitude when I’d write articles for my article marketing campaign. While I always pay attention to the quality of the content I’m delivering, my blog posts would be a little more relaxed. I didn’t pay as much attention to grammar rules and the rules of writing for the Internet.

On the other hand, my “articles” were well written with no spelling or grammar errors. Information was delivered in bullet-point format so readers could easily scan and absorb the content. My “articles” were direct and to the point and offered no personal opinions to distract the reader.

The big difference between a blog post and an article is this: A blog post makes a personal connection while an article delivers formatted information. Imagine the impact you’d make if you combined the best aspects of the two types of writing. Here are some tips to do just that and from here on out we’re going to use the word “article” so you stop thinking like a blogger.

Write your title first: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – write your title first. This helps you focus your content. Having the title right there in front of you tells you exactly what you want to cover in your article. It also helps you narrow your content so you don’t go rambling off in too many directions. Readers are coming to your article with one question. Answer that one question. If you want to answer another question, write another article.

Format your bullet points: What key points do you want your readers to take away from your article? Format them as bullet points now and include any information or explanation that might be necessary.

Personalize your article: Now, go back to the beginning of your article and write an opening paragraph or two that makes that personal “blog post” connection with your readers. Whether you’re using your own personal story or telling them a secret or whatever, this is where you can make that connection.

After you’ve delivered your information you’ll need a closing paragraph or two and this is where you can make that connection again by telling your readers how your own personal experience worked out or inviting them to share their own opinions.

Successful bloggers don’t stop when they reach 350 words and call it a blog post. They don’t even count words. They make the connection and deliver the information they promised in their title. Those are the bloggers who have the good reputations and have earned the respect of others.

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  1. Jacob Curtis

    Good point here Steven. I also agree with writing the blog title first and I also keep it in mind up until I push the publish button in case a better title comes to mind out of nowhere.

    One thing I’ve started to do is also write the main question or point I’m going to try to relay in the blog/article at the top of the page and then begin writing.

    Obviously I remove it before publishing but having it at the top of the page helps remind me to stay on track and not diverge from topic.

    1. Steven

      That’s an interesting approach Jacob. I like the idea of writing your main question at the top. It keeps it right in front of your eyes during the whole writing process.

  2. Julia Spencer

    Much attention should be paid to the last paragraph, it should include author’s thoughts, conclusions or maybe some advice.

    1. Steven

      That’s an interesting advice Julia

  3. Screet Der Sinn

    I agree completely, if I wrote a post that was only 350 words long I would feel cheated myself let alone my blog readers.

    The idea is to create a post/article that people can learn from and not just fill a site with eye fodder.

    I try and add some character and personality to my posts as that is my voice and a voice is important to a blog.

    Just like you I start with a headline first and take it from there, I write down a few bullet points on paper with the things I want to include so I know what I want to say and also stop me drifting off on a tangent.

    Great post I shall now go and share.

    1. Steven

      Writing just for the sake of writing is pointless. It has to serve a greater goal…

  4. Susan Gainen

    Great advice. Succinct. Valuable.

    1. Steven

      Thank you for your comment Susan!

  5. Lisa Bertolini

    Yes, combine the best of both worlds. Shorter paragraphs too. Definitive statements. Also, visual language that paints the picture.

    1. Steven

      These are good advice Lisa :)

  6. Sachin Bille

    Yep Steven, you taken some different angle to deliver same content(that being told years together) DIFFERENT way.
    Yes, writing a long article with little personal touch to make connections with readers is really important.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Sachin

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