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I can sit here all day long and talk about things you can do to improve your blog, but sometimes it makes a bigger impact to tell you what you shouldn’t do. So here are nine ways to screw up your professional blog. How many are you doing?

#1 – Make Your Own Rules

Every ad network and affiliate program has its own set of rules. So do all those free platforms like Squidoo or Blogger or Ezine Articles, and job sites like Fiverr and Elance. Every site you interact with has a set of rules and guidelines and each one is different. I’ve seen bloggers with thousands of articles at one directory who watched while all those articles were deleted because they hadn’t followed the rules. Thinking that the rules apply to everyone but you is a sure way to kill your business.

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#2 – Make Promises You Don’t Plan To Keep

Are you the type of blogger who’s always announcing these grand plans on your blog but you never follow through? You know the type – they tell their readers to stay tuned because next week they’re starting a huge series of articles or they’re launching a major new video and when next week rolls around they act like nothing ever happened, it was just a ploy to keep their readers coming back for more. It might work once or twice, but sooner or later your readers are going to catch on.

#3 – Don’t Make A Commitment

It takes time to develop a steady stream of traffic and build a real business. Sometimes years. Jumping from blog to blog to blog is just a waste of time. Choose a topic and stick to it. Make a commitment to see it through until you’re making a steady income before you start another blog.

#4 – Game The System

It’s estimated that more than 80 percent of all online searches are conducted on Google and if you look at your own stats it’s a pretty safe bet that most of your traffic is coming through Google, too. So does it really make sense to try to game the system and risk having your blog de-indexed from the largest, most popular search engine on the Internet?

#5 – Be Obsessive

Building a professional blog means focusing on and improving a wide range of metrics. Organic traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic are just a few. Then there’s landing page conversion rates, ad rates and click through rates, commission rates and much, much more. All of these metrics are important and they all deserve your attention. But obsess over one while forgetting about all the others and see what happens to your blog.

#6 – Play Mind Games

One sure way to screw up your professional blog is to manipulate your readers. Go ahead, tell them how you made a six-figure income last year because you bought that $5 guide. While you’re at it, don’t include any dates or time stamps on your content, hide your contact page and blog under some cutesy user name. Oh yeah, never let your readers know you have relationships with any of your advertisers. In fact, don’t mention affiliate links, either. Better yet – cloak your links and use deceptive anchor text. Be as manipulative as possible to get people to click those links.

#7 – Throw Caution To The Wind

If you want to kill it before it even gets started, throw caution to the wind and quit your job now. Nothing improves your content writing and blogging skills like a good dose of stress induced by the fact that you now have no income and if your blog isn’t successful today you and your family will starve.

#8 – Copy And Paste Whatever You Need

Why waste all that time and energy? Need a blog post? Need a picture? Just copy and paste it from another blog. Don’t worry about asking permission or using attribution links. Just take whatever you need. Of course, if you get caught, not only have you made a new enemy, you may very well get your blog banned for life.

#9 – Don’t Worry About Being Unique

The best way to screw up your professional blog is to just not worry about being unique. After all, there are only several dozen blogs in every niche now. How important can it be? Go ahead and regurgitate the same facts and statistics that every other blogger has and you’ll blend in perfectly with the crowd.

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  1. Simone


    Great contribution! There is one more that comes to mind:

    #10 – Make Sponsored Ads Key Focus
    A sure way to loose your subscribers is to loose sight of quality content relevant to your target group. Be mindful of how much sponsored content you allow on your blog, and how you present this content. If your readers can’t find content relevant to them without much digging, they’ll lose interest. Sometimes more is not better!


    Founder of Event Blog “Mona’s Event Dos & Don’ts”

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