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Blogging Mastermind Group Benefits: Get The Most Out of It

A blogging mastermind group can be a powerful tool, when set up and used correctly; it could also end up being a waste of time, when mismanaged or incorrectly used. During the past 2 weeks, I already explained the reasons you need to join a blogging mastermind group as well as how to start a blogging a mastermind group. To make sure your blogging mastermind group is effective and useful for everyone involved, here’s a few tips to follow.

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Accountability should be a large feature of your group. This simply involves having members state their goals and when they’ll finish them by, and check in with their progress as they complete the goals. Stating your goals to others gives you a powerful motivator for actually finishing and following through on them, which automatically makes the group useful to you.

A big part of accountability is setting goals, and to do that well, you need to make sure to set good goals. A good goal is something measurable – for example, “I’ll increase my viewers by 25% over the next two months” instead of “I want more people to read my blog” – and also something entirely within your control, not others’. To make the goal of “I’ll increase my readers by 25%” even better, ask yourself specifically how you’ll get there, and then make that your goal instead. So your end result would be more along the lines of “I’m going to create one amazing series of pillar content, consisting of at least three posts, and do 10 guest posts in the next two months.” Does it sound almost too specific? Then it’s a good goal.

To help make sure everyone involved gets the most possible out of the group, when talking about accountability, put the focus on making good goals and try to make sure everyone sets measurable, specific goals. This will increase the motivation and accountability of everyone involved.

Regular Check Ins

Pick a day of the week when everyone will check in on their goals and the progress they’ve made, whether that’s over a Skype call or in a post on an online group (you can easily set up free groups with Google or Facebook). If possible, pick a specific format – something like:

Progress Check In for Week of (dates)


Steps taken towards goal:

Results seen:

Repeating that format for every goal you’ve set, if more than one, and then adding your own notes at the bottom. This will make the posts easier for everyone to skim, making responses more likely and encouraging discussion of what else you and others could do to further your goals.


Another benefit of a mastermind group is having people available at your fingertips to help you out of a stuck situation, or give you ideas. To help facilitate this, start a regular brainstorming event for your group. This could be Skype calls or a comment thread in the online group you’ve set up – whatever is most convenient.

When doing Skype brainstorming sessions, the call can get out of hand depending on how many people are on it, eating up a lot of time. Be sure to set a specific time limit ahead of time. You might also try doing something line going through the group once, with every member stating their problem or what they need help with, and then going through the group again, with each group member saying how they can help at least one other group member. This should keep the meeting length manageable.


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