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Your blog can become a lead generating machine. Promise. But you need to take 4 simple steps on a persistent basis to make this statement come true. Why do so few people attract leads through blogging? They miss, or skip steps, impatiently hurrying through their day, and of course, they repel leads instead of attracting leads. Successful blogging focuses on sticking to a proven system, day in and day out. Do things in a certain way and you better believe it grows easier and easier to generate leads.

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1/ Listen to the Needs of Your Audience

You need to tune into the problems of your audience if you intend to make money online. Your target audience needs solutions to their problems. They struggle to make money online, or generate leads, or they have a difficult time blogging. Whatever the struggle, you listen in, tune into their issues, and provide a solution to their problems with your solutions based content.

This listening to problems deal is tough for most because it forces you to stop doing, relax and listen to other people. Way too difficult, as you would rather mindlessly do stuff on your own and get results. Few have the patience to listen, but then again, few generate steady leads through blogging.

2/ Work Niche Related Keywords into your Blog Post

Why do you expect your target audience to show up if you do not create content they can find? A sick person seeks a doctor. Your potential bloggers, or online marketers, see someone who can help them blog, or marketing online. They find you when you advertise that you help bloggers or online marketers through the keywords you place strategically in your blog posts.

This is an incredibly simple step that most struggling bloggers fail to take. They write off SEO, thinking that using keywords is a waste of time. Of course, this unintelligent approach puts the honus on your audience, and if you are an experienced online entrepreneur you know this is a MASSIVE mistake. Never assume your blogging or business audience knows where to find you. They do not, and they will not find you until you begin placing keywords in your posts that people are searching for.

3/ Share Your Blog Posts in the Right Spots

What good is your blog if you do not share your latest posts in the right spots? You need to advertise your blog to people who require your services. This is another simple step that assuming bloggers miss, and of course, it destroys their blogging campaign. You cannot expect to generate leads if you refuse to hang out where leads hang out. So hang there, already!

This one is easy. Hop onto relevant Facebook Groups. Now, share your latest posts on a daily basis. No, you do not spam Facebook Groups with your squeeze page all day, as this is not solving a problem or sharing value. Sharing value means giving away free information which helps you target market, then these individuals are attracted to you, and they click on your squeeze page link to learn more.

4/ Promote People from within Your Niche

The step which puts you over the top in the lead generating game. When you aggressively promote other bloggers from within your niche, your blog posts have the potential to go viral. 5, 10 or 20 bloggers who you have promoted might begin to promote you back, returning the kind act, and this means you just tapped into a ton of new audiences, leveraging the heck out of your presence. Promote the heck out of others and you will never lack for traffic and steady leads.

What tips can you add for creating a lead generating blog?

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Thanks for sharing the opportunity with me Steven!

    1. Steven

      You’re welcome Ryan! I love the article. You’re welcome to participate to Dukeo whenever you want :)

  2. Yeremi Akpan

    Hi Ryan,

    Dead on on Keyword placements!

    If we are too published to do a little self-promotion in our posts, then maybe we are just too polished for the competitive world of blogging.

    When people search online, they do not search for anything, they search for something. That means if our post has no keyword that relates us to the searcher’s intent, our post is as good as non-existent.

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