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Starting a new blog is exhilarating.

You have all these great content ideas and your blog is all shiny and new.

And trust me, if you really love blogging, no matter how old you are, it’s always going to be exciting.

But it’s only natural that we all have days when we’re hit with the Blogging Blues.

Here are eight tips to help you get over it.

1. Remember your long term goals

There are so many little tasks involved in blogging that it’s easy to lose sight of your goals.

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For example, just launching your own ebook involved dozens of steps – writing the book, designing the cover, formatting for kindle, setting up a sales page, an opt-in form, guest blogging to promote it, and on and on.

Focusing on each tiny task is crucial for your success but it can also really drag you down.

When that happens, sit back and look at the big picture and remind yourself that each step is taking you closer to your goal.

2. Lighten up a little

If all this seriousness and attention to detail is bogging you down, imagine what it’s doing to your readers.

Lighten it up for a day or two.

Post something short and sweet instead of your usual long post.

Better yet, post a cartoon or a meme that’s relevant to your readers.

3. Make a blogging plan

I have days where I panic because I have so much to do but when I sit down and actually make a plan it doesn’t seem nearly as bad.

Get it out of your head where it’s just spinning around and put it down on paper, then map it out so you can see there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Connect with other bloggers

Misery loves company.

Reach out to your fellow bloggers for support.

Be careful though.

Personally, when I’m feeling blue I don’t like to talk to people who are just going to tell me why they’re feeling blue, too.

It just makes me feel even worse.

Find a buddy who’ll lift your spirits up instead of dragging them down even further.

5. Connect with your readers

If you have an active comment community, go read some of those positive comments.

Better yet, ask your readers what they like, what questions they need answered, or just ask them how they’re feeling today.

6. Get up and get moving

Step away from your desk for an hour and go get some exercise.

No, you don’t have to go to the gym and lift weights.

(Unless you want to.)

Walk around the block, run the vacuum cleaner, sweep the sidewalk – just do something that gets your blood circulating for a while and you’ll feel much better.

7. You are your own worst enemy

Realize that you are the only one putting pressure on yourself.

Yes, if you’ve been posting twice a day for the last year your readers expect you to continue, but they’re not going to send out a lynch mob if you don’t.

Maybe you did tell everyone you were launching your product next week, but nobody expects you to sacrifice your quality – or your sanity – just so you can meet a self-imposed deadline.

8. Get away from your desk

Laptops and notebooks are wonderful.

They allow you to work anywhere, any time.

Pack it up and get away from your desk for a day or an afternoon.

Go to the park, go to the coffee shop, or just move to another room.

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  1. Jon

    Great list – I was going along great blogging all the time. Missed a couple of days and then never got back on the right track. Thanks for the tips! I need to motivate myself to get up and get moving!

  2. Brian

    Had a lot of trouble with this the last couple weeks. Just getting bogged down in my other writing and don’t seem to have enough good ideas for my blog.

    I write two blogs and this post really helped.

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