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Blogging Job: Okay, But What’s Your Job?

Is blogging a job in any sense?

Facebook often does some wonders and, in one fine evening, it encountered me with one of my old friend. We had a brief conversation over Facebook chat. After a formal handshaking he asked me “what do you do?

Blogging” I replied.

He was not surprised nor astonished, “Blogging. Okay, but what’s your job? I mean your profession?

Huh?” The re-iterated question surprised and astonished me!

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Well, what job I do? What’s my profession? Who am I?

The questions forced me to ponder upon. Am I doing nothing? I don’t have any job and no profession?  I do blogging and that’s not a job? Not a profession?

Here is the post inspired because of that Facebook chat. I know I’m doing something and I want to let the world know it.

It’s been a couple of years, but once started, it went on and on. Today, those who know me appreciate it (may be a few ones to envy) and the others are interested to know how I’m enjoying it and if they too can start blogging!

The evolution of platforms like WordPress, Tumbler, Blogger etc are already well capable to lift up the heavy loads on technical aspects, making every enthusiast comfortable to enjoy blogging. The easy availability of plugins, widgets and functions help you to extend whenever required. You can virtually access each of your imagination.  In this context, I’m sure, you’ll love to create a new blog for yourself!

Why Blogging And No Other Job?

Blogging is attracting thousands of newbies everyday and that proves its potential. There may be multitude of reasons but in this posts, I discuss a few that inspired me to start blogging and continue consistently over these years.

Financial Freedom

The most important! Who won’t love to live without worrying about your bills?

By this point, I do not mean that blogging is ‘easy money’ or ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Blogging definitely requires dedication, diligence, smartness and a huge patience before you can attain any financial freedom.

But, once you reach to the point, you can enjoy making truly handsome money. The diverse revenue streams allow you to reap off sufficient money to live your life and start newer projects.

You can attempt some of the popular monetization methods:

  • Selling your services such as counselling, writing, installation, customization, optimization etc.
  • Selling your products like tutorials, eBooks, plugins, software, boots, bags etc.
  • Promote affiliate products and sell them through your blog like hosting, plugins, software, Amazon, Clickbank etc.
  • Selling Ad spots directly or through services like BuySellAds and so on
  • Selling blog posts (sell your post for other blogs or sell your blog spot for other bloggers)
  • Implement different advertisement networks in your blog such as Adsense, Chitikka, Infolinks, Kontera etc.

The money you can earn from blogging is very different than earning through jobs. Your creative flight and smartness can outnumber any opportunities that any employer can offer.

I hope this very point is sufficient for anybody to start blogging.

Time Freedom

Probably it is only blogging that offers the flexibility to this extreme. Even online jobs requires you to be connected in specified time and demands you to work for specified time duration. There’s no need to discuss about other kind of jobs!

I used to be a teacher – one of the beloved one – always running along with the clock hands! The working hours were less but punctuality is highly expected! That’s the worst job any human can live with.

Some of my friends have their own business. They are the boss themselves but still, I’m proud to be a blogger. They never got time for outing when I enjoyed night stays!

After you start blogging, you need to be dedicated, diligent and sometimes an owl, but the freedom exists at your will. You are the one who prepares schedules, not the school administrator or your business partners or clients.

I always enjoy the sense of freedom every while I’m working on my blog. I’m glad that I don’t have any BOSSes here and I’m not the slave of their profit.

Whites Freedom

That unfortunate day, I ran to hospital as soon as I got news on an accident of my relative. Obviously, everything in my mind was just to reach hospital as soon as possible. Thanks God, the accident was not that severe. But I was already late to reach my school. And, I could not go to school directly from hospital because I was not wearing the prescribed uniform!

This is another thing for which most will envy bloggers. Now, when I work from the cozy of my room and most often on loose vest and knickers, I don’t want to remember the whites anymore!

There will be nobody to watch you and impose any working dress. My mind, my experience and the tips shine throughout blog posts, not my coat, pant and tie!

Start Blogging for Huge Friends

How about hundreds of ‘Get well soon’ when you suffer with common cold? Hundreds of ‘best of luck’ for each of your attempts. AND a great number of helping hands when you are really in some trouble?

Blogging offers opportunity to build relationship and make friends with people from different part of world. You may say, they all are virtual friends, are they?

Emmanuel Cudjoe from got an email from Google to inform the ban of his Adsense account. After a couple of days he discovered his bank Liberty vanished along with his $2000. To add more in sorrow, his host and domain registrars trapped him when he wished to move web hosting due to frequent downtime. It is because of his blogging friends he could survive safe in spite of this harsh storm.

Do you still think that the online friends are just virtual friends?

As a blogger, I’ve thousands of friends connected with me in Facebook, other few thousands in Twitter and Google+. My readers are in touch with me and we can share views, experience, and ideas so that we all can benefit and prosper.

A few among the online friends do meet in this real world when time and space allow us. I’d have never known and met Ganesh Karki and Santosh Ghimire if I were not blogging. Ryan Biddulph is coming to Nepal and I’m really excited to meet him in person very soon!

The greatest thing is that neither natural distance nor political boundaries could stop our friendship. Start blogging if you love the awesome friendship!

Grow And Become a Writer

Blogging heavily involves writing. Writing something that your readers love to read. Something that your readers find it useful and interesting. You’ll continually be learning to write better.

With your passion and dedication, you’ll acquire the required skills and become a good writer.

If I were in any other profession, I’d never research on what type of topic will interest my readers, what level of difficulty will suit them and how can I catch them reading till the end of my article.

Glad to be a blogger – a writer in deed! Start blogging if you really love to learn writing.

Popularity is Enjoyable

There have been many incidents, when I visit somewhere and somebody comes for introduction – “You are Suresh Khanal, aren’t you?

What a lovely moment!

Blogging makes you known to the people interested in same niche. They are happy to get connected with you, follow you and wish to learn from you. They want to be like you.

If I were not blogging, there would hardly be 20 or 50 people around my home or office. They also won’t know me in complete. But, blogging lets you space to express yourself. Your followers know you much closely and recognize your skills.

The popularity that blogging rewards you in your locality and beyond the country can’t be ignored that easy.

Blogging Builds Entrepreneurial Skills

As a blogger I keep learning every day. I make a programmer, SEO expert, promotion expert and a good writer out of me. I learn to take risks in changing design, optimization techniques, take risks in investments in different services and products. I learn everything by myself, doing some long research, reviewing my own failures and mistakes, promoting and pushing ahead the achievements and success.

Very soon, you’ll learn how to establish an online business, how to run it and make it profitable. As entrepreneurship can’t be taught but learned through experiments and experience, blogging helps to develop entrepreneurial skills quick.

After I thought over all these aspects, I feel I’m doing something important. It’s not NOTHING. I’m blogging!

Comment below if you agree with me and proud to be a blogger. Please visit my blog to learn about How to Create a Blog, How to Write Blogs Successfully, Start Blogging For-Money, Start Blogging Free, Best Way to Start Blogging and so on.


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  1. Shalu

    Blogging can certainly be a job on its own. To be honest, there is so much things one needs to do from writing, promoting etc. You certainly learn everyday. Online friends are friends in ways as they help you in many aspects.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      I agree with you Shalu. Blogging is not just writing posts but it involves lot other tasks.

      I also believe that a blog is not an isolated island but rather a community effort to bring value to each and the happiness of all!

      BTW, I’m very happy for your new book. Would like to read the progress about it.

  2. Sriram

    Hi Mr.Suresh,
    I must say the title “Blogging! Okay, But What’s Your Job?” attracted me to read this post!
    Blogging is really a wonderful thing (job). People ask “Blogging? :/ ” because they are unaware about the greatness of blogging and how it can make money and build reputation than other jobs.

    This post said everything. Thanks for the share :)

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Yes, the title happened to be interesting, but the same phrase was so hard to me to reply him in Facebook chat. How could I make him feel that I’m doing something :)

      Anyway, thanks to the incident to inspire a post idea :)

  3. Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hello Suresh sir, I choosed blogging as my full time business and I’m really very happy with it.

    Blogging is much more better for me as compare to job :)

    It’s still productive for me and I hope to develop it to next level to make as decision more solid.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      I wish you every success!

      Go on connecting with more bloggers, publishers and readers. It will help you to bring your blog to next level.

      At the same time, get in touch with the developers and producers. It may bring you more opportunities to make money online.

      Thank you Ankit for your comment here.

  4. Nirmala

    Nice write up Suresh,

    Yeah, I know, its hard for the people to accept “blogging” as a profession.

    Agree with all your points, specifically with Whites freedom. Yes, we can perform blogging from home or own office with comfortable clothing.

    I finished my BE graduation in the year 2002 and I was unable to continue my software profession due to some personal issues. So I decided to work from home and chose blogging as my profession.

    But people in my family still suggesting me to get a job somewhere and quit blogging as it needs lot of patience and dedication.

    But I never give-up and I love blogging.

    Nice to see you again Suresh, keep your good work :)

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Family will continue instructing until you demonstrate some remarkable achievement. Once they are convinced that it is viable job to continue, they’ll stop complaining and rather help you better.

      Wish you good luck :)

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    I too am excited to meet you buddy! Can’t wait.

    Blogging is fun. I have met more than a few folks from all over the world in their home town because of blogging. What a wonderfully enriching way to connect with folks from heck, everywhere!

    If you are willing to work you can make more friends than you could ever dream of.

    No longer are we bound by geographic barriers.

    The power of blogging!

    Thanks for sharing Suresh, wonderful post!!


    1. Suresh Khanal

      You are impressive and inspirational – A good example to prove how blogging can support you to visit different part of the world. Whenever I visit your blog, I feel real happy to see photographs from different locations.

      Waiting to welcome you in Nepal soon!

  6. Vincent Raja

    Really a killer title!
    Most of the time ppl around us think its not a Recognized job. We only know how challenging it is !!!
    Still in some homes parents need to dump them in corporates to work as slaves. We can’t get the freedom or taste of the life there. Blogging is the best profession where we can follow our heart.
    Proud to a blogger !

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Probably the online jobs are not yet established to stand as a job on its own. It may also be due to the traditional mindset. Let’s hope the situation will change very soon.

      Once realized, I believe, there can be nothing better to enjoy your job working online :)

  7. Hyptia

    Blogging has became one of the strongest thing to do in online marketing because if you will win in this field then you can achieve many milestones and you can do help of others as well because you can show the way to newbies who all are wants to learn something unique and useful.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      I agree with you, Hyptia. Blogging emerged as one of the best marketing method. Here you have targeted community sharing experience and ideas. Any new thing discovered can easily be spread in no time.

  8. Emmanuel

    I didn’t just ‘get well’ messages but rather real support.
    Babajide helped me financially when I was hit with the Libertyreserve scandal.
    I have my blog hosted on your very own servers of hostgator! That’s simply great! And I’m more than grateful for that.
    Blogging friends aren’t just illusions but are of course REAL.
    Thanks to people like you who are great inspirators, we will still continue to blog.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Hi Emmanuel,

      You left a great proof for online community that it is a community of real people caring about each other. Always happy to help you and hope caring each other will be the best way to prosper.

  9. Nwosu Desmond

    You know sometimes i find it hard explaining to some layman what blogging is all about and how i have been self-employed for over a year and half now as a blogger. Yes blogging is a job and it entails a lot to do it.

    1. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

      So true, Nwosu.
      There are people who want to know what I do. And though I dont like to share for the reason mentioned by you, saying this does get some funny responses most of the time.
      When people ask me what I do for a living, I simply say- I work over the internet!

    2. Suresh Khanal

      There happens, many times, some really funny situation when bloggers talks to the people in other walk of life. They guess as we are doing nothing and just wonder how we survive! Funny enough.

      Hope it will change gradually when we prove the milestones achieved!

  10. Valentine Belonwu

    This is a very interesting piece man, this is also the same issue I normally encounter from time to time. I’ve often been asked same question and, the answers is usually quite confusing. I’m happy you wrote about it man. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Hi Valentine,

      I don’t know how hard is it to leave with earning through blogging in other part of the world, but in our case, the exchange rate is very high and our living standard is not that expensive.

      In spite of this situation, people wonders if we really are living with blogging, what would be the case in other part of world?

  11. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Hi, You are so bang on target with this post!
    Inspite of so many Indians taking to blogging, awareness about it is extremely low and most people wont understand when they are told that we are bloggers. :P

    1. Suresh Khanal

      This is true to our country as well, Ambika. Nepal is even difficult to work online because many of the most popular services won’t work here. You can’t guess how hard it becomes when you can’t use PayPal, Clickbank. We are struggling hard to compensate with other services that works here.

  12. Rahul

    Hi Suresh,
    As always- your post is sheer joy to read!
    I totally agree with you. Awareness about blogging is extremely low, particularly with the older generation.
    I hate trying hard to tell them what I do very often too.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Hahaaa… I remember trying to explain how money comes in through blogging. Recently I’d read Ste’s post Hobby Blogs: Making Profits from your Hobby (, Mandy there is asking

      “how do you actually make the profits? How do you got from a blog to a money-making blog? “

  13. Pawan

    Man, you got my attention when I read the title on Facebook. Blogging is really an awesome way to interact with other fellow bloggers and I’m really enjoying it a lot.

    When I started blogging, I had one aim of earning as much as possible. That has changed now. I now blog for helping people out there. My ultimate aim is to reach out to them and teach them how to blog. It certainly will replace your day job if you take it seriously.

  14. Suresh Khanal

    Hi Pawan,

    That’s the great work!

    When we try hard to earn money, you’ll find it really hard, but yes, if you extend to help people, understand them, you’ll gain reputation, popularity compelling money to follow your success! I do agree with you!

  15. Narda

    I really don’t know how blogging works, but I kinda started my own. Hope I can generate traffic though because this is the most difficult part that a bloggers are gonna face. My passion is writing so I guess this will help me navigate through blogging.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Definitely. Narda, the real secret of traffic to blog is (1) SEO your blog posts and (2)make as many connections as possible.

      When you blog is well optimized, the crawlers will respect your blog to list it at the front of search results. That will drive organic traffic.

      Once you have good number of connections to the fellow bloggers and your prospective readers, you can enjoy the returning visitors. You’ll have opportunity to learn from others as well as help and cooperation among community.

      Wish you best of luck!

    2. Narda

      I agreed with you Suresh, but making and building connection can be tricky. Is there any points you could impart so that I can start my own? I know that you already acquired some and I hope you could share it with me. Thanks in advance!

      Same to you! :)

    3. Suresh Khanal


      There can be two ways – bidirectional!

      First, You can seek worthy people who are already in your blog. While you respond the comments, you know it very well who is there to get links, others to impress you, some more to build their authority and some to build brand or promote their product! You can pick the good guys and interact better with them so that a bond is built gradually.

      Second, You hunt for some big guys in your niche and follow then with mild approach until they turn back at you and say ‘friends?’ :D :D

      I’m coming up with a post very soon about becoming authority in your niche where I discuss more about Connection More! Hope that’ll have more ground to continue discussion.

  16. Karan

    Makes me happy. I AM A BLOGGER. B) #happy #selfacheivement

    Thanks bro. Definitely a good source of inspiration. :)

    Will definitely inspire many youngsters who’ve become bookworms. A life exists on the internet too.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      That’s the awesome expression, Karan, The life exists on the internet too!

      Consistency, smartness and learning some skills will help you to live even better life in Internet. The joy of helping others and leading independent life has definitely a different taste :)

  17. Marilyn Cada

    i think in my case, becoming a freelance writer came first before becoming a blogger :) so my profession is freelance writer and a blogger at the same time

    however, unlike Karan, i will not yet consider blogging as an achievement for me until Google Page Rank Update materializes. my Blog’s PR is still zero although my Alexa Ranks keeps increasing, at least.

    once my Alexa reaches less than 100K (my current Alexa is 144K) and my PR reaches at least 3, then i can consider blogging as an achievement :)

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Alexa, PageRank and DomainAuthority are really the great metrics to monetize your blog, but still they are not the things to determine for how many you can help, how much you can earn or how much traffic you are driving. Once you are on right path, Alexa, PR & DA are bound to follow you! Good luck.

  18. Senthilkumar (sk)

    Hello Suresh your article is great. Recently my Ex-MD fired me due to inner polytics of my collegues. I afraid very much about how i am going to get a new job. But i had a little experince in technical writing before. Thank god, it saved me. I am writng to a popular Linux website from home now. I am getting a decent money. I am very happy with it and i work whenever i can. There is no time schedule, no extra work, no uniforms and no polytics. I started to love blogging and writing now. I agree with you 100%. Thanks man.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Hi senthil,

      Truly glad to read about your experience. There are some additional skill sets required to work offline (politics a stronger one in our part of world). Thanks to blogging and freelancing where quality of work is valued more :)

  19. Qasim

    Hi Suresh,

    What a great explanation, blogging is a job just any other job, not every body will be successful in any job and they need the right skills to do it and that is exactly what is blogging is, I know many people will consider it as a hobby and that is true when the blogger is not interested to make money, but once you decide to make a living out of it then it will become like any job, you need to have the skills and to do it the right way, thanks for sharing this article.

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Thank you Qasim for the visit and leaving comment here. I do agree with you. The success is closer if you have good communication skill and build stronger relationship. However, consistency, smartness and right skill set are the must.

  20. Thaha

    Hello Suresh Great post blogging which helps me to reach many people as like you said if i were not in this field others would not known me between many credits are available with blogging career enjoyed reading it :)

    1. Suresh Khanal

      Agreed with you Thaha. There’s lot to achieve through blogging and the journey is joyful if you can get each milestones gradually.

      Thank you for the visit and leaving comment here. I appreciate you for sharing the post.

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