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A few years ago I read an article by an A-list blogger that just totally blew my mind with it’s negativity and I recently tripped over a similar post published just a few days ago.

I never expected anything like this from either blogger, especially now.

The topic?

One of my favorites: Should you blog about something you’re passionate about, or should you be passionate about your blog?

Yes, there’s a difference.

Let me explain.

Actually, in his post, this A-list blogger pretty much slammed another blogger who decided to choose his niche based on it’s money-making potential rather than his passion for the topic. But this is a common attitude, especially among A-list bloggers, and I believe it’s the biggest reason most bloggers fail.

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First of all, if you do the research, you’ll find that most of these opinionated A-list bloggers started their blogs years ago before they had much competition.

Of course they’re blogging about their passion because they had that option – they had no competition. Now that they’ve built their huge blogging empires on their “Passions” they seem to think that’s the only way to do it.

But, as I’ve said before, there are no absolutes in the blogosphere, there is no right way or wrong way to build your empire, and you options are limited only by your own imagination.

In my mind you’re setting yourself up for business failure if the only thing you take into consideration is whether or not you’re passionate about your niche.

While I believe you can monetize any blog as long as you can be creative and think outside the box, it’s just makes good business sense to admit that some niches have more profit potential than others.

It also makes even better business sense to admit you want to earn money with your blog instead of lots of warm, snuggly hugs. Few landlords will accept a hug in lieu of rent money.

If you enter into your blogging business with eyes wide open and own the fact that you want to build a money-making business then you’re much more likely to succeed because you’ll be focused on building a business, not a cozy nook in the corner of the Web.

To further my point, there are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there on topics like diarrhea, hemorrhoids, acne, asbestos, septic tanks and plenty of other similarly gritty topics. These blogs make good money with AdSense ads and affiliate products.

Do you really think these bloggers are passionate about their topics? Of course not.

What motivates these bloggers to build these boring, stomach-turning sites is their passion for making money with their blogs, their passion for building a long-term sustainable business. Actually, they’ve earned my respect for being able to it with these topics, too.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with admitting money motivates your blogging. In fact, it’s quite brave given current attitudes. If you want to build a money-making blogging business then stand up and shout it from the rooftops. Own it, and let those A-list bloggers eat your dust.

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  1. Kimboo York (@kimboo_york)

    THANK YOU for this. Honestly, project management is not something I’m passionate about — I enjoy it, and I’m good at it, but passionate? Not so much! So for me, starting my blog business was basically answering the question: “what can I *earn money* doing that helps people and that I feel like an authority on, that people might actually *pay* for?”

    I have other blogs for being altruistic, honestly. This business venture is about giving me job independence and financial freedom, i.e. MONEY, and I’m not going to be ashamed of that. Nope!

    Show me the money, indeed!

    1. Steven

      It’s a good thing to want to make money from your blog, and it’s even better to be completely honest about it Kimboo. I’m sure that your readers appreciate your honesty.

  2. Nikki


    While I do have a personal connection to my blog’s topic, I completely understand. I’m not blind to the fact that there’s a lot of earning potential. In fact, that motivates me to keep blogging even more.

    You made a great point about the change in competition from back then when the big blogs started to now. You have to jump through hoops for attention now days in comparison to traffic building techniques of old.

    In all, I support any blogger/online marketer who thinks for him or her self. Too many gurus. Not enough true individuals.

    Good stuff :)

    1. Steven

      Thanks for this encouraging comment Nikki. Being aware of the potential of your niche is a good thing and keeping your “big goal” in sight at all times will allow you to stay motivated!

  3. Mike Sobol

    It’s a valid point, Steven. Even though millions of blogs exist for the passion, millions more would not exist but for the economics of it. Combining the two effectively is the holy grail for many bloggers. How to find that balance between personal passion and the mechanics of optimization, traffic and monetization.

    As someone who enjoys learning new things and turning that into something I can teach others, I find that sometimes, my passion follows the topic, and not the other way around.

    1. Steven

      It’s really all about defining your goals with your blog, Mike. I have another personal blog that I keep only for family to keep them posted on what’s happening in my life, but I’ll never try to monetize it because it doesn’t align with my goals there.

  4. Jamie H

    When my co-blogger and I decided to start a new blog we decided to be both passionate about our topic and passionate about our blog. We chose a niche that would motivate us to be who we wanted to be but that would also challenge us and force us to be passionate about our blog to keep it going. Sometimes we care more about our topic than the money it will bring in, sometimes we care more about the money our topic will bring in vs the topic itself. It’s a nice balance!

    1. Steven

      I think you nailed it in your comment Jamie. It’s all about finding the right balance for you. If you keep in mind the challenges you are facing and the goals you want to achieve, you can get a good idea of the big picture and keep moving forward.

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    It’s definitely cool to blog for money Steven. The issue: when the money doesn’t arrive, virtually all bloggers quit. No more carrot to lead the horse LOL.

    Mix passion and profits as drivers. The passion drives you before the money arrives and when you taste the freeing profits, all the better. I blog because I love blogging. Sometimes I write, stuff content in an eBook, attach a price tag to it, and offer it. All good. Either way, I’m having fun and the more fun I have the easier it seems to be to make that paper.

    Thanks for the share.


    1. Steven

      Well, even though it’s always sad to see bloggers give up, being online since 2008, I’ve seen more people give up than I can recount. This is just part of the blogging ecosystem. Bloggers come and go… And the ones who stick around are the ones reaching success.

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