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Why are so many people jumping on the blogging bandwagon? Why not open a restaurant or start your own lawn care company or become a home health care nurse? Here are six reasons blogging is a good first business.

No Start-Up Expenses

Take a look at almost any other type of business and you’ll find huge start-up costs. You’ll have to invest in a location and equipment, you might have to purchase a demo kit, and you may even have to pay for an expensive education before you can start.

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Blogging is one of the few businesses you can start on less than a shoestring budget. You can use sites like or to start your blog for free, or you can start out small and invest $10 in a domain name and $8 a month for web hosting and you can be up and running in a weekend.

It’s Easy To Get Started

You don’t need a fancy education to be a blogger, especially if you use sites like WordPress, which is designed to make it easy for even a complete novice to set up a blog in a couple of hours.

You Can Learn While You Blog

Obviously, if you’re planning to use your blog to make money, the more you know the quicker you’ll be successful. But unlike a restaurant business where you have to know how to cook before you can open the doors, with blogging you can learn at your own pace, as you’re building your business.

Most successful bloggers started out with no special skills or knowledge of blogging. It’s an ongoing learning process for everyone. The key is to take that first step.

It’s Easy To Expand

Successful business owners in the offline world are constantly working to expand their business, but that means laying out money for another building and more equipment, so it takes years before you can even think about expanding your empire.

Depending on your online business you may need some specialized software to be able to expand your business, but with blogging, the only real expense you have if you want to expand is another domain name. You can build as many blogs as you like and stake your claim all over the Internet.

You Can Gradually Transition From Your Job

Try to start your own restaurant or lawn care business and you’re going to have to give up that full-time job immediately, which is a risk some people just can’t afford to take. But with blogging, since you can learn as you go – at your own pace – and you can structure your business any way you like, you don’t have to quit that full-time job until you’re comfortable with the income your blog is bringing in.

You Can Have Fun While You Build Your Business

No matter what type of business you start you’ll always have certain tasks you just hate. If you own a restaurant, someone has to clean the grill. If you’re a nurse, someone has to empty the bedpans. In the beginning, most people will tell you that none of that matters if you truly enjoy what you’re doing, but let’s face it – Donald Trump probably enjoys what he’s doing but as soon as he could afford it you can bet he hired someone to clean the restrooms.

There are just so many ways you can earn money with a blog and most of the time, when you come across these tedious tasks that you just cant stand, all you have to do is change direction and do something that you do enjoy. For example, maybe you absolutely hate writing all those blog posts. You can start making videos instead, or create infographics, or bring on another blogger to write the content while you focus on the areas you really enjoy.

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