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Why would a reader want to follow a blog when they’re already following the blog it’s echoing? The answer is: They wouldn’t. Here are seven tips to help you eliminate the echo chamber on your blog and add new dimensions to your content.

1 – Break Away From Google News

While Google will pull news articles from smaller blogs they typically pull from the same sites all the time. These sites have all worked to build relationships with Google so that everything they publish hits the Google News Feed, and they all cite each other as sources. It’s this same finite number of blogs and websites that every other blogger on the planet turns to for news, so it’s no wonder there’s an echo chamber in the blogosphere.

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Break away from Google News. There are plenty of high-quality bloggers out there who don’t give a hoot about getting into Google’s news feed, all they want to do is create great content for their readers. Start searching out these unknown bloggers and quit relying on Google for all your information.

2 – Start A Conversation

Instead of adding your voice to the dozens of bloggers who are all talking about the same thing, start your own conversation. Take the hot topic of the week and turn it upside down, come at it from a different angle.

3 – Quote “Unknown” Sources

Instead of quoting the Big Bloggers like everyone else does, cite an unknown blogger every now and then. There are some pretty awesome bloggers out there who don’t have millions of followers yet, but when they do they’re going to knock some of the existing A-list bloggers clear out of the ballpark.

4 – Vary Your Sources

Are you linking out to the same blog, day after day after day? If you are, your readers are eventually going to catch on and just start following that other blog. It’s great that you’re citing you sources, but mix it up. As it is, you’re making it look like your blog only exists to promote that other blog you’ve been linking to every day.

5 – Be The Source

Be the blogger everyone links to. That may mean making contacts so you can get breaking news scoops, but if news isn’t important in your niche be the blogger who creates the new chocolate chip cookie recipe, or the blogger who invents a new app or the next social networking site, or the blogger who comes up with the most creative use of software program or the blogger who discovers a huge scandal.

In the blogging world it’s not so easy to be the source of information. Generally, the mainstream media gets a hold of the news first and bloggers just add an opinion or an angle and then help pass it around. But it’s possible, in any niche, to be a news-maker yourself, so look for ways you can be the first in your niche to talk about something.

6 – Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This goes along with #5 Be The Source. In order to be the blogger everybody’s linking to, you’re going to have to stop relying on other bloggers to do all the leg work and you’re going to have to dive in and do it yourself.

7 – Look Beyond The Internet

Not everything that happens in the world finds its way to the Internet. Get out and meet people and find out what they’re talking about today. Read your local paper. Listen to the radio. Even daytime talk shows can be a source of unique information. Echos happen in an echo chamber because sound waves bounce off the walls. The Internet may be huge, but it does still have walls and boundaries. There’s still a whole world out there beyond the Internet, outside the online echo chamber.

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  1. Tbone

    That was a outstanding post and is so true about Google using the same blogs as a source of news.

    Yes it would be very nice to be the source of new information with new and interesting content instead of the same old stuff. I was just noticing exactly what you are talking about !
    There is like ten to twenty sites with a post about affiliate summit giving out a scholarship as the flavor of the week.

    Thank you for the valuable content and tip’s.
    Looking forward to the next post.

  2. Sharon Roth

    Thank you, Steven. I’ve been blogging now for 4 whole days! I’m learning much from you & others like you w/experience. I like people who think outside the box. This is the 2nd time in 4 days I learned from you.Yay!

  3. Jennifer Cunningham

    Hi Steven,
    I’ve been blogging for 4 months and I’m already tired of the same old subjects. I don’t know where I’ll start but I will start reading some unknown bloggers with great content. You saved me from a big mistake. I was about to follow the crowd and write about what they write about.

  4. Andrew Healey

    Hi Steven, thanks for the post. Bloggers and Internet marketers often forget that there is a world beyond the Internet. To be truly engaging & adhere to your points 5-6, we need to have new experiences; to see topics from different angles.

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