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Sometimes bloggers are like kids.

On one side you have young bloggers yelling that older bloggers had it easier because there wasn’t any competition when they started their blogs.

Then you have the older bloggers telling the youngsters, “Oh, yeah? Well we didn’t have the benefit of all the automation tools you have. We had to walk five miles, through the snow, uphill both ways…

Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Pfffft! Who cares?

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But let’s take a look at some of the challenges both groups have to face while we’re shaking our heads.

Challenges Facing Young Blogs

Building a reputation: With so many old bloggers hogging the limelight it can be tough for new bloggers to break into a niche. Not to mention the fact that a new blog comes online every second of every day. Not only do young blogs have to compete with old blogs, they also have to compete with newer young blogs. Whew!

Time management: Those old bloggers like to brag about how quickly they rose to pro-blogger status. Of course, back in the day, they didn’t have much competition so they were able to rise quickly. But young bloggers think they can rise just as fast – or faster – and it’s just not possible.

Search engine optimization: Again, those old bloggers had it much easier. A lot of the tricks they used to build links and drive traffic would get them banned from Google for life, these days. Quality content back in the day was a 150 word re-written PLR blog post. Of course, we all know what Google demands of bloggers today.

Challenges Facing Old Blogs

Staying motivated: Young bloggers who get bored with their topic after just six months ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Try blogging in the same niche for six years, 10 years, or more. Of course, the fact that you’re at the top and you’re making money doesn’t hurt. How do I know you’re making money? You wouldn’t have been at it that long if you weren’t.

Disillusionment with a niche: I know I blogged on one particular topic for almost three years and then let my domain die. It was a profitable niche but while I was blogging a lot of political changes took place which caused me to become disillusioned. I no longer enjoyed the direction the topic was going. Changes occur in every niche so I can only imagine how difficult it must be to maintain focus for eight or ten years.

Setting priorities: Older bloggers are more experienced in the market place and they recognize more opportunities to develop multiple streams of income. If you think it’s hard to stay on one path when you’re just starting out and you’re distracted by every shiny little bauble, imagine how hard it must be when you see dollar signs everywhere you turn.

So you see, every blogger faces challenges, no matter how old his blog is. The key is to stop feeling sorry for yourself and face those challenges head-on.

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