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No matter how hard you try to deny it, no matter how adamant you are that it can’t happen to you, there will come a day that even a glimpse of your blog will send shivers down your spine and make you head for the nearest porcelain throne. It happens to all of us and it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. All it means is that you need a little time off, a breather, a respite from the Internet Rat Race. Here are just 20 signs that you need a break from blogging. There’s a lot more, but you’ll get the picture.

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signs that you need a break from blogging

  1. Your spelling sucks: You, the 8th Grade Tri-County Spelling Bee champ, who brazenly bashes every misspelling blogger, can no longer remember how to spell ‘meme’. It’s a sure sign you’re about to crack.
  2. You’re not replying to comments: You’ve made it a point to respond to your own comments on your own blog, that how fanatic your are about replying. And now, all of a sudden, you’re ignoring everyone.
  3. When you do reply to comments your spelling sucks.
  4. You’re not commenting on other blogs: You, the blogger who knows every CommentLuv blog in Cyberspace and can always manage to work in a link in your comment, have stopped commenting on blogs altogether. Are you sure you’re OK?
  5. People who comment on your blog are telling you your spelling sucks.
  6. You name your new puppy WordPress and you kitten’s name is Plug-in. You’re planning to buy a hamster and name him Tweet.
  7. You’re watching General Hospital and wondering if you can get Sonny to guest blog because his business advice is the bomb!
  8. You can’t find anything worth promoting at Clickbank. ‘Nuff said. You’re in trouble!
  9. You can’t remember why you put that opt-in form in the sidebar.
  10. Your conversations all start with “Yesterday, on my blog…
  11. You leave your kids a list of 7 things you want them to do when they get home from school.
  12. Your kids can’t read the list because your spelling sucks.
  13. You come home from the grocery store with 12 new niche blog ideas but nothing to eat except Skittles and Cheez-Its.
  14. The convenience store on the corner has your phone number on file and they call you every Monday and Thursday when the Redbull truck arrives.
  15. Your friends have given up on ever seeing you again.
  16. You’ve been having trouble sleeping: This is a serious indication that it’s time to take a break. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, you can’t stay asleep, or you wake up feeling like you didn’t get any rest, then you’re already on your way to some serious health issues. Lack of sleep will lead to lack of concentration, respiratory problems, a weakened immune system which will leave you susceptible to infections and disease, digestion problems, skin problems, and even hair problems. You need a break from blogging now before your body starts revolting.
  17. You’re having trouble concentrating/eating/breathing/etc.: When you start experiencing health problems you need to pay attention. This is your body’s way of telling you it’s under too much stress and if you don’t take a break now you could cause some serious damage. Don’t kid yourself. Just because you’re working at home in your jammies all day and you can do whatever you please, that doesn’t mean you’re can’t – or won’t – experience stress.
  18. Your family thinks you’re losing it: If you’re family’s been supportive and all of a sudden it seems like they’re dogging your every move, then maybe it’s time to put down the mouse and step away from the computer. You’re at the point now where you no longer recognize that you’re having problems. Your family is trying to do you a favor. Listen up. Take a break.
  19. You haven’t made any measurable progress lately: There’s a reason your previous employer gave you a few weeks of vacation every year. Nobody can work 24/7 without turning into a non-productive blithering idiot. Take a look at your stats for the last few weeks and if you can’t see any measurable progress that means you’re stressed to the point where you’ve now become unproductive.
  20. You’re behind on your bills: If you won’t recognize any of the other signs, maybe when the power company shuts off your lights and your ISP shuts you down you’ll finally realize you’re toast. If you have the money sitting there and you haven’t paid your bills than you’re withdrawing from reality. Go ahead and ignore these 20 signs why you need a break from blogging if you like, but at least when you forget to pay your ISP you’ll be forced to take a break – whether you want to or not.

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  1. Buysellwordpress

    That’s great that you decided to mention all these things, because not every blogger understands that sometimes it’s better to have a break and to relax somehow, and then everything will go better and faster.

    1. Steven

      It’s good to take a break from time to time. This will help keep the focus level at its highest.

  2. Melissa

    I also think that everyone should make a short break in any activity from time to time. It will help to get more success and inspiration in future

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