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Feeling like you just can’t face another day of staring at your monitor and typing up blog posts? You’re not alone. Every blogger suffers with blog burnout, and not just once or twice. After a while, if you don’t do something about it, it can become pure torture. Here are two ways you can overcome burnout and get back to the old days when you really loved blogging.

Identify Your Ideal Blogging Circumstances

Before you make any changes, take a look at your blogging circumstances right now and analyze your productivity.

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For example, my best blogging days are those days when I awake knowing I’m going to have no distractions for the day. No family obligations, no errands to run, no time constraints – it’s just going to be me and my computer. On those days I jump out of bed ready to blog and I don’t stop until it’s time to go to bed, and the time just flies by.

Some distractions just can’t be helped. Obviously, you can’t ignore your family and every now and then you have to leave your home to go to the grocery store or run by the bank. Instead of allowing these distractions to hinder your blogging, put them on your list of Things-To-Do and plan for them.

Schedule all of your distractions in the same day and get them over with if you want to, but plan ahead to allow yourself those perfect days where all you have to do is blog.

Use Advanced Posting

Again, it takes some planning to get started, but it helps.

If you normally post every day, write four additional posts this week and schedule them to publish next week. Now if you take two days off you’ll still be two posts ahead when you come back to your blog. But don’t slack off. All you need to do is keep writing your one post a day and you’ll always be able to take two days off every week.

On those days when you’re in the mood to write, write an extra post or two and put it in a file. Eventually, you’ll have quite a backlog. You might even be able to stop blogging for a month and take a much-needed vacation.

Use Guest Bloggers and Contributors

Put up an invitation for guest bloggers on your blog. Keep writing your usual posts but when you get a good submission put your article in your file and publish theirs. If you’re really feeling burned out, take on a regular contributor to help with the writing.

There are lots of things you can do to avoid blog burnout but sometimes you’re too burned out to consider alternate solutions. Don’t let yourself get to that point. Start planning ahead right now and take a day off.

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  1. Keith

    Great advice…love to not get burned out.

  2. Marie @ Substance Of Living

    Thank you for writing this piece. Burnout is certainly a reality. There are so many contributing factors and you offer great advice. I’ve also had to realistically look at my priorities and cut back on my posting for a time. That took a lot of the guilt and stress off the table allowing me to enjoy writing.

    I’ve placed a guest post page on my site seeking writers and look forward to receiving submissions. Care to be my first? :-)


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