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In a previous article, I talked about blogger inferiority complex and how it can negatively affect you, your readers and your blog. Today, let’s focus on something a little more positive, shall we? Let’s talk about how you can view yourself in a positive light and kick that inferiority complex to the curb. I always like it when we solve problems, don’t you?

Identify Your Strengths

We all want to have more than we have or be better than we are. It’s only natural to continue trying to improve. But, instead of focusing on things you’re lacking, like traffic or writing skills or a knowledge of html, focus on the things you do have, the things you do well, maybe even better than anyone else.

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Maybe you don’t have a great command of the English language so you don’t know a lot of colorful adverbs and synonyms. Who needs ’em anyway? Blogging isn’t about who has the most colorful prose. It’s about delivering value to your readers. No matter how great your writing skills you’ll never be able to please all of the readers all of the time. But if you focus on delivering the best value you can, you’ll attract some readers who’ll love you forever. And that’s the best any blogger can hope for.

Questions To Help Identify Your Strengths

What has worked on your blog in the past?

Look for posts that received lots of traffic or comments and see what makes them different. You did it once, you can do it again. And it doesn’t matter if you do it like some other blogger as long as it works for your readers.

What questions have you been able to answer for your readers?

If you think you’re not expert enough, think again. You may not be able to answer questions like other bloggers, but you’ve answered some for your readers, and that’s all that matters.

What do you love to talk about off your blog?

If you’re blogging in one niche and talking in another, perhaps there’s some hidden expertise you can capitalize on.

What bloggers do you admire, and why?

If you can identify the bloggers you can admire, then you can also identify their admirable attributes, which puts you one step closer to being able to emulate them.

Who are your readers and why are they following?

Even if you only have a few readers, you have somewhere to start. Find out why they’re following you and use it to attract more.

What have you already achieved?

Sometimes all it takes to boost your confidence is to look at where you were when you started and where you are now. What have you already achieved?

What makes you unique?

Your readers don’t want you to sound like every other blogger on the Web. They want you to be different. That’s what makes you attractive. Capitalize on what makes you unique.

What resources do you have to pull from?

You may not know it all, but if you know how and where to find it, that’s more than half the battle.

Build On Your Strengths

Once you’ve identified your strengths, it’s time to start building on them. Start by focusing on each individual strength. For example, what can you do to become an even better writer? How can you work your favorite topic of conversation into your blog? What can you do to capitalize on the things that make you unique?

But it’s not enough to focus on your individual strengths. How can you combine those strengths and build on them to build a stronger business?

That’s a question for a whole ‘nother blog post but guess what? If you’re really focusing on all the positives and thinking about building on your strengths, then you’ve probably forgotten all about that blogger inferiority complex that brought you to this post in the fist place. And that’s the only problem I was really trying to solve.

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