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Blogger burnout is really no mystery. Blogging is the same as any profession in that you have to accomplish a number of things each and every day to be successful at it, and when it comes to doing these things effectively it can be easy to get burnt out in the midst of it all. In that way, blogging regularly and creating a strong web presence leads to a periods of feeling uninspired.

The worst part about blogger burnout is that it’s a noticeable thing, and it’s not the same as a lapse in content or strategy. You can still be pumping out content on your regular schedule, and still the burnout can show.

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It’s reflected in the quality of the work, the originality of your ideas and in the strategy for your blog. Signs of blogger burnout include repetitive and uninformative content, lack of innovation and decreased audience engagement.

So if we can identify the aspects of blogger burnout that are apparent, can we also identify ways to avoid it altogether? Absolutely.

blogger burnout

1. Maintain Your Quality Content Flow

I don’t simply mean that you need to have blogging habits and schedules. This is a given element of your profession if you want to be successful. I’m talking about the flow of your content. Flow, as we are talking about it today, simply entails the aspects of your blog that are an essential and regular benefit to the audience.

A good content flow includes a number of things. You don’t need to have them all every time, but cycling through them to set goals can be really helpful.

  • Useful content in each post.
  • A creative spin on the topic being covered.
  • Interesting and compelling information.
  • Inspiring or motivational ideas.
  • True personality.

Not only do these elements of a good content flow prevent blogger burnout in most cases, but they inject purpose into each piece that you post. This is truly essential, but there are a few other things to consider, as well.

A big problem we run into as content creators is losing sight of the true vision. Maintaining a content flow is all about consistently creating elements within your content that are worth returning for. I categorize this issue as the first sign of blogger burnout for good reason.

When you begin to lack essential aspects of engagement or notice a dropoff in readership frequency, your flow is obviously off.

Pulling readers back in after one bad article isn’t difficult. Heck, even a week of bad content is quickly turned around with a return to strategy. It’s the longer lapses in quality material that show and begin to reflect apparent blogger burnout.

2. Be Realistic

We’ve all been in a situation where we set goals that weren’t really very attainable. The rough part is that we often start off strong in our attempts to reach these goals, but it’s often hard to keep up that pace of work. Life happens. We get busy, we lose motivation, we have one off day. There are lots of ways to become out of tune and overwhelmed.

This can be avoided, and it really should be something you remind yourself of often. Being realistic is a huge contributor to being successful. It means that you don’t make empty promises as often, especially to yourself.

You can keep yourself in check by establishing goals that you know you can accomplish. Every once in a while you should take a small risk and do something that speaks to your potential – something new. This factor alone can rejuvenate your motivation, as well.

Being realistic is the difference between blogger burnout due to being overwhelmed and a consistent and healthy habit of content creation. Creating strategies, taking innovative steps and learning constantly are all within this approach.

3. Take Your Blog With You

One of the worst things about blogging regularly is that you sit down in front of your computer to do it. The reason this is bad is related to how much time we spend online. There are so many things available for us to explore, and sometimes you condemn your creative process by waiting until you’re at your computer to begin.

One of the simplest ways to ease your blogging burden is to take your ideas with you. Instead of staring at that computer screen in hopes of coming up with an amazing idea, let the world inspire you.

I don’t mean that to sound lofty or idealistic, either.

We are often inspired most when we’re away from the tools that allow us to create. It’s almost like purposefully avoiding the thing that lets you blog in the first place.

We can come up with amazing ideas when we’re out with friends, having dinner or merely taking a walk. What I don’t mean by this point is that you have to be connected to a device at all times for upkeep on your blog. While helpful, it’s not essential.

A pen and paper, or maybe a simple a commitment to memory with some time to think will conjure your creative juices. The article title that popped into your head randomly while you were away could be your most successful article, yet. Don’t be afraid to let this happen.

4. Collect Your Thoughts

Let’s say you’re already suffering from a case of blogger burnout, or are nearing the danger zone. You already feel as if your content has gone a little downhill. Rest assured, this isn’t something that dooms you.

It actually creates an opportunity for you to collect your thoughts and repurpose your goals. Overcoming blogger burnout and avoiding it completely are extremely similar, mostly because you should constantly be strategizing. The difference here is that you probably need a new approach, and a good dose of patience.

Overcoming Blogger Burnout Requires Time

You’re not going to be able to completely revise the mistakes you’ve made overnight. Great ideas can come in a split second, but executing your new plan shouldn’t be rushed. You should be willing to take just enough time to develop and consider your new ideas. Don’t be a perfectionist, be a strategist.

Even if taking a break from blogging is required, there’s no reason to make it out to be the worst thing that could happen. With a combination of time and giving your brain a bit of a break, you can renew your vigor and proceed headstrong.

The bottom line to overcoming blogger burnout entails being able to examine your content and its presentation on the whole. Collecting your thoughts in a productive brainstorming session may be the difference between trudging along when something isn’t working and creating something twice as effective.

5. Segment Your Ideas

Last, but certainly not least, we always want to make sure that our ideas have longevity. This means that the idea itself isn’t useful just once, but for an extended period of time.

Blogger burnout happens often when we forget that an idea shouldn’t simply come and go. For example, a single post per idea is going to mean that you run out of content pretty quickly, but 5 posts per idea can revolutionize the quality and quantity of your material.

Segmenting your ideas comes from the train of thought that many of us employ – the one where we believe our goals are most easily attained when broken into manageable slices of progress. The same logic applies, here.

You’re always going to be more effective when your goals are organized.

By pulling your ideas apart, you will even have a better understanding of the point you’re trying to get across to your readers because you are taking a calculated approach. This is so much better than going for everything all at once, and your readers will certainly digest what you’re saying more easily.

Blogger Burnout isn’t a Phenomenon

Don’t feel like you’re alone, because that’s not the case.

Blogger burnout has happened to nearly every single person who attempted to create frequent online content. In this, we should all take a little comfort. It means that there are always ways to overcome the challenge presented when writer’s block hits, or when we are feeling uninspired. It’s a reminder that the next successful idea is a keystroke or a simple walk in the park away from us.

The reason that blogger burnout is in no way phenomenal is because you are going to be able to conquer it.

No situation in this realm is so unique that it cannot be addressed, and there are lots of ideas floating around out there that will assist you, especially since you might want to experiment with what works best for you.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Give In

Easier said than done, of course. It always is. One frustrating day of blogging can make you feel as if it just wasn’t meant to be. Pushing through these times is a frustrating part of learning, but it’s also one of the most unique opportunities to grow as you go.

By not giving in, you choose success over failure. Even if it means you need an entirely new niche, community, project or focus, you’re only giving in to blogger burnout if you let it turn you away.

The brilliant thing about the blogger’s lifestyle is that it is such a passionate endeavor. It’s one in which we encourage ourselves to learn and to give time to other people. It’s an opportunity to create a life that lets us show the world why it’s worth the time and effort.

By not giving in, you win the battle. The blog itself isn’t the enemy in this case. It’s just a matter of planning your method of attack, even if it’s something you’ve never tried before. Truly, there’s no reason not to reach for conquest.

Got thoughts on this issue or a question you’d like to ask? Feel free to drop them in the comments below. As a key topic for discussion, what have you done to get past blogger burnout? Thanks for reading!

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