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It’s time to add the next row of block to the foundation of your blog – your vision for the future and the goals you want to accomplish. Again, all of this foundation work we’re doing will help you build a better blog.

What Is Your Vision For The Future?

An Olympic athlete doesn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Well. I think I’ll just go see how fast I can run around a track today.” From the time he was a child he’s had a very clear vision of what he wants to achieve. Some day, he wants to be the fastest runner in the world and win a gold medal.

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Notice that his vision has nothing to do with making lots of money with sponsorships and he’s not thinking about all the things he could buy with that money, like a house or a car or pay for a college education. Those things don’t even enter into the picture. The one thing he envisions that would make him truly happy is to win a gold medal.

What’s your vision for the future of your blog? What do you hope to achieve?

Maybe you want to build a blog that will eventually allow you to quit your job. Or maybe you want to become known as a worldwide authority on some topic. Or maybe you want to build a blog so you can find more people who share your interest.

Imagine yourself three years from now. Where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing?

What Are Your Goals?

Defining your goals brings you another step closer to realizing your vision. For example, that Olympic athlete has always visualized himself winning a gold medal, but in order to realize that vision he has to set a specific goal: He has to work and train and do whatever it takes to improve his running skills so he can run a mile in less than three minutes and 45 seconds.

At the beginning of his training process, the athlete may not even be able to break the 10-minute mark. So it’s unrealistic to expect he’ll be able to get up off the couch and beat Allen Webb.

But he can break his goal down into more manageable pieces. For example, for the next 30 days he’ll work toward shaving one minute off his time. When he reaches that goal, he’ll spend the next 30 days working toward shaving off another 30 minutes. Each month he’ll evaluate his progress based on his ultimate goal and adjust his intermediate, more manageable goals accordingly.

If your vision for the future is to build a blog that produces enough income to allow you to quit your job, then your ultimate goal is to earn X number of dollars per month at the end of X number of years.

(Depending on your experience level and the time you have to commit to your blog, trying to achieve this goal in X number of months might be unrealistic and you’d be setting yourself up for failure).

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  1. Cynthia Kocialski

    You make several excellent points about vision and goals. I blog. The reason I started blogging 3 years ago is different than what it is today. As I gained more experience, my goals changed.

    My daughter is an aspiring elite athlete. So comparing blogging to an Olympic athlete is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have never been an athlete, but I now know many former Olympians. So I have a few stories for you … (1) Olympic athlete are trained to get up in the morning, look themselves in the mirror, and answer the question “what do I hope to accomplish today that brings me closer to achieving my goals”. How many people do you know that ask themselves that before going to work in the morning? (2) Olympic athletes know the value of coaches and frequent reviews. Everyday coaches give Olympic athletes feedback on their daily performance. How often do workers get performance reviews at work? Once every year? Every six months? (3) Regardless of their sport, all athletes know sports is about building a team and the team is far more than the athletes. Even individual athletes have a team of coaches and trainers behind them. Yet, how many entrepreneurs or bloggers try doing it all themselves. (4) Being busy and practicing all the time won’t make you a good athlete unless that effort can be directly connected to your goals. (5) The athlete who wins is usually not the most talented but the one who can perform the best under pressure. The product with the most market traction or the blog with the biggest audience is necessarily the best, but it is good enough

  2. Cornel Nitu

    Super topic, Steven! A lot of questions and a lot at answers, too.. And the one thousand mile journey start with one step! One of my social media coaches use to say: “What do you do after the first step? You do another step!!”

    And super reply from Cynthia!! About her ideeas I only said these: 1. Maybe 5 percent of employees said that, and I am sure they are shareholders too:) 2.Yes, we have am anual health revue:)) 3.At this point I consider I am a lucky one, I have three social media coachs and hope Steven become the fourth:) 4. Big true! Only focus and commintement can built a long term goal. 5. Big true again!! The best products are not the most valuable but the most requested on market. Really, I am not interest in a king crown but I am desperately interest for a Ferrari!!:))

    Best regards and thanks for your wisdom!

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