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Maybe you have the best job you could ever imagine. Your boss is wonderful, you make good money, and you really love what you’re doing. But what if something better came along? I know it’s hard to imagine right now but – What If? Of course, you can’t really answer that until you see what that “What If” is, but it might be an opportunity that surpasses even you wildest dreams. You could find out what that “What If” is if you use your blog as your portfolio.

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Most bloggers have at least one blog that focuses on something they’re passionate about. For example, a good friend of mine has a blog about baking. She’s never worked as a baker because, well, you know how life gets in the way sometimes, but she’s always been passionate about making cookies and cakes so that’s what she blogs about. What if someone looking for a pastry chef were to trip over her blog? And what if they liked what they saw and offered her the job of her dreams?

I bet she’d take it. Even though that was probably the furthest thing from her mind when she set up that blog, if someone offered her the perfect job as a baker, something she’s passionate about, I bet she’d jump at the chance. And you might, too. If you’re already blogging about your passion – and even if you’re not – let’s take a look at how you can turn your blog into your portfolio.

About Me Page: Create a remarkable About Me page. Talk about your passion and the role it plays in your life. No need to mention that you’re available for hire if you don’t want to scare off your regular readers. Make sure you have all your contact information on this page.

Resume Page: If you’re actively seeking employment then create a Resume Page with your work experience, objectives and goals and let employers know what you bring to the table. If you’re not actively looking for a job but you’re open to suggestions, it’s still a good idea to have a Resume page but you can hide it in your navigation so your followers don’t see it. Then, supply the link if someone asks for it.

Create Some Behind-The-Scenes Content

If you love dogs you might be blogging about dog training and dog food, and maybe you’ve always dreamed about being a trainer. Create some behind-the-scenes content for your blog that shows people you know how to train dogs. Include videos or pictures of you working with your own dogs. Write blog posts that talk about your own personal experiences training your dogs. Let potential employers know that you really practice what you preach, you’re not just phoning it in.

This behind-the-scenes content doesn’t have to be targeted for employers. In fact, it’s actually going to bring you closer to your blog followers because they enjoy getting a glimpse of your personal side. So don’t worry that you’re going to mess up your targeting or SEO. Use keywords in your titles and you’ll just bring in additional traffic.

Include A Sample Or Portfolio Page Where Appropriate

If you’re a writer, photographer, graphic designer or passionate about a topic that would benefit from a portfolio or sample page then by all means, set one up on your blog. Even your blog followers would love to see your work.

Comments Are Great Testimonials

Those positive comments are a great testimonial to your ability to engage and audience and provide a quality product or service so don’t disallow comments on your blog. Take some of the really glowing comments and copy them over to your Resume Page.

Any blog can be turned into a portfolio blog with just a few additions. And these changes will only make your blog more attractive to your followers and the search engines. So why not give it a shot? You might not be looking for a dream job right now, but What If….?


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  1. Jacob Curtis

    Great post. You need to change that “What if?” to a “Why not?”

    I like your idea about the behind the scenes posts and how you don’t necessarily need to target it towards employers.

    Don’t forget your readers!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Jacob! I NEVER forget my readers :)

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