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Conversations about blog traffic usually begin and end with link building. Those backlinks are certainly important, they lend trust and authority to your blog which convinces the search engines to give you a better ranking. However, backlinks, in terms of the traffic they generate, only work to push traffic to your blog. What are you doing about your blog, itself? Shouldn’t it be a destination location, like an amusement park, that draws visitors in?

blog traffic magnet to increase traffic

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The idea of pushing traffic to your blog, along the path of those backlinks you generated, implies that they’re not necessarily willing to go. Generally, people don’t follow links because they’re not really sure what they’re going to find on the other end.

What if, instead of trying to push people to your blog, you worked from the other end of the link? What if your blog were so enticing that people were lured in, pulled in by some invisible, irresistible force? Like a magnet. A really powerful magnet. A powerful, people-pulling magnet! Here are 10 blog traffic magnets to increase your traffic.

  • Use great titles – Your titles need to let everyone – your readers and the search engines – know what you’re going to be talking about. Word plays and puns and attempts at comedy can be confusing for your readers. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention and they’ve come to your blog looking for information. If they have to struggle to determine whether or not they’re going to find what they’re looking for, then you’ve lost them. Use a keyword in your title to flag the search engines and tell your readers what they’re going to learn when they read your post.
  • Be yourself – A lot of bloggers choke when it comes time to write their content but try this: Imagine you’re sitting across the table from your best friend and you’re telling him the same tale you want to tell your readers. Be yourself when you’re blogging and your content will sound much more sincere and believable. Your voice will attract more readers to your blog and it will keep them on the page.
  • Be consistent – Be consistent with your posting and post fresh content frequently. People will be drawn to your blog if they know there’s always going to be something new to see. Especially if it’s really great content.
  • Create a brand – Stay on message. There may be dozens of other blogs all in your same niche but yours is different. What is it that makes your blog unique? Whatever it is, that’s your brand, that’s what you’re known for, and that’s why people are visiting your blog.
  • Use multi-media – Use videos, images, polls, surveys, and anything else you can think of to make your blog more engaging for the reader. Everybody has text.
  • Tell a secret – When someone tells you they’re going to tell you a secret, what do you usually do? You lean in closer so you can hear better. You’re compelled, or pulled, toward the person who’s sharing the secret. Tell your readers your secrets and see how many come in closer.
  • Link out and around – You read interesting stuff on the Internet all the time. Some of it’s even related to your niche. Don’t be afraid to share those links with your readers. You’re not pushing them away. You’re actually drawing them in even closer by becoming a valuable source of information.
  • Be controversial – Let your readers know you’re not just some cookie-cutter blogger. You have opinions! If they differ from everyone else, so much the better. People love to gather around when there’s something controversial going on.
  • Limit advertising – Get rid of all of those irrelevant web hosting banners and ‘advertise here’ place holders. They’re cluttering up the place and they’re distracting. If you must put something in your sidebars, make it an opt-in form and start generating a list.
  • Be compelling – Engage your readers. Be compelling, and thought provoking. Ask them questions on your blog and tell them to answer you in your comments. Talk about industry news and ask their opinion or describe a new process or tell them how to do something and ask for their results. People love to give their opinion, especially on a public platform where they know the whole world will see it. Let your readers know you want them to speak out.

Link building alone isn’t enough. Use these 10 blog traffic magnets to increase your traffic and you’ll have people come to your blog from all over the Web.

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  1. Amanda Prior

    Great post Steven.

    It’s no secret that since the recent Google updates, more emphasis is being placed on your sites content. And why shouldn’t it be. Afterall, it’s content readers are interested in, not links.

    This is a great collection of tips to improve the readability of your site. Particularly liked the one about telling a secret.

    1. Steven

      You should keep in mind that links are still super important when it comes to getting traffic. It will not only increase your rankings in SERPs but also bring in more referral traffic. However, you’re right, it’s great that the importance of original content keeps growing. Bring value to your readers and they’ll thank you for it.

  2. Akos Fintor


    Pretty good tips there man.
    Most of them implemented on my blog, but I learned a couple of things.


    1. Steven

      Congratz on implementing these tips on your blog! And thanks for your comment.

  3. Santosh Mishra

    Hello Steven

    Writing a great title is the thing, you cannot avoid. In the search engine world, writing a good headline pays in long term.

    1. Steven

      Considering that you only have a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention, efficient titles are indeed essentials!

  4. Erik Emanuelli

    Hi Steven,
    nice points, thanks for sharing.
    I would add to point #2, Be Personal.

    Sharing some personal point of view, means being yourself, but if you add something personal to your content, this will engage more your readers.
    Like something about your private life, some fact, or a particular experience. Or just what you like or don’t like.

    And congratulations again on your new blog layout, I really like it! :-)

    1. Steven

      Thank you for your comment Erik!

      Your advice is great. Sharing parts of your personal life helps making you sound more human. Then it’s easier for people to relate…

  5. Free Ebooks

    I have to say that you are correct, these are very useful tips, thanks. People are more drawn in if the title is attractive. It just goes to say, that’s why news paper headlines are so dramatic at times just to get the reader to pick the paper up and read it, ultimately making a purchase.

  6. Frithjof

    Thanks for these good points!
    For me writing a great title is the hardest – I have an easier time creating a good featured image (IMHO).
    I hate when my headlines turn into the same old pattern every other Social Media blogger uses :-(

    1. Steven

      Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s impossible to reinvent a new way of writing headlines for every single post. Define a few patterns that get people to click, then use them over and over by adapting them to your posts.

  7. Lillian Leon

    A good list you have here Steven. I’ll be printing it out (yes I’m still a little old-school :)) and referring to it for my own blog.


    1. Steven

      Hey Lillian, thanks for your comment! I’ll keep visiting your blog to see how it evolves :)

    2. Lillian Leon

      Awesome, thanks Steven. Be great to get some feedback from an expert! :)

  8. Chan


    Pretty sensible tips there man.
    Most of them enforced on my web log, however I learned a few of things.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Chan

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