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Blog Testimonials: 4 Tips to Obtaining the Best Ones

Before we go too far, let’s make sure you have some idea about testimonials. What is a testimonial? Also, why are high quality testimonials so important to your blogging success?

Testimonials are brief text that customers or visitors to your blog write about using your products or hiring your services. Testimonials also come from people who found what they were looking for or got exactly what they wanted from your blog.
Some testimonials are solicited, while other are not. Testimonials are intended to highlight the benefits of using your products or reading your posts. Quality testimonials build customer trust, helping you to establish credibility.

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Testimonials can have an encouraging effect on potential customers who are looking to make an informed decision. Positive feedback will give people confidence in buying your products, hiring your services or simply reading what you have to say.
Now, you know what testimonials are and why you should include them on your blog, it is time to learn how to get the best testimonials.

  1. Make sure the content that you post on your blog is unique. With a blog that is unique, you will become more valuable in the eyes of visitors. For example, present a unique topic that is relevant to your blog, provide some background on that topic and then explain your plans or thoughts on the subject.
  2. Remember to ask for testimonials for every new submission to your blog. Create unique content and post it to your blog, and then ask users, customers, etc. about the posting. Several bloggers fail to get quality testimonials for their sites because they are simply afraid to ask. For example, if someone tells you that he or she enjoyed your latest post, ask him or her to write a testimonial saying so that you can post on your blog.
  3. Ask people about their experiences with the posts you submit, the products you sell or the services you provide. Ask that responses come in the form of feedback or comments posted directly to your blog site. Ask your customers or readers to include a photo of themselves or contact information to make their testimonials appear more credible and legit.
  4. Finally, the key to a successful blog is regular maintenance. The same can be said for testimonials that you post on your site. When you check the content and links on your blog site, every three to six months or so, also take a moment to read over the testimonials that you have posted on your site. This is also an ideal opportunity to take the time to ask for new customer input or product reviews.

When potential customers, subscribers, etc. read what other people think about your products, services, posts, etc., they are more likely to continue reading your posts and using your products or services. No matter if you have a blog associated with a business or if blogging is your business, it is important to include high quality testimonials on your site.


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