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Blog Subscription Rate: 20 Easy Tips to Get More People to Signup

Anytime you get traffic to your blog, it’s a good thing. But subscription traffic is better. When someone subscribes to your blog that means they plan on returning and that’s the kind of traffic you want – repeat traffic. Loyal readers who like what you have to say will also be more loyal and are more likely to buy what you have to offer and become customers. Here is a list of 20 tips to improve your blog subscription rate.

  1. Relevant content: Relevant content is crucial when you’re looking for more subscribers. The more focused the better. If you have a weight loss blog and for some reason you decided to post a recipe for your favorite chocolate chip cookies, you can bet your boots that will be the post that everyone sees. Who’s going to subscribe to a weight loss blog when they first post they see is a recipe for something fattening?
  2. Quality content: Quality content is equally as important. Not only because it helps you appear better in the search engines, but because you want to put your best foot forward for those first-time visitors to your blog. Check for grammar and spelling errors, make sure you use proper punctuation, and most important, make sure your blog posts delivers the information you promised in your title.
  3. Post regularly: Create a regular posting schedule. This lets your readers know that you’re serious about your blog and if they don’t subscribe they just might miss something.
  4. Prominent buttons: Your RSS icon should be prominently displayed on every page and post of your blog. Make it easy to see so your readers can’t miss it.
  5. Landing page: Create a landing page designed specifically to grab blog subscribers.
  6. Don’t use ‘Subscribe’: Some readers are put off by the word ‘Subscribe’, thinking that if they do sign up it’s going to cost them something, like a magazine subscription. Try changing the wording on your buttons or links to ‘Follow’, or ‘updates via email’, etc., to see if that attracts more subscribers.
  7. Opt-in form: Put an opt-in form or link at the end of each post and remind your readers to subscribe.
  8. Guest blogging: Naturally, your guest blog posts are also high quality, relevant posts. Make sure you have either a link to your RSS feed or a blog post with an invitation for subscribers at the end.
  9. Forum posting: Add your RSS link to forum signatures. Be careful, though, to obey the rules of the forum, first.
  10. Blog commenting: When you’re out there commenting on blogs, occasionally leave your RSS link instead of just linking to your homepage. Better yet, link to your landing page that promotes your blog subscription.
  11. Blog about it: Write a blog post that explains what it means to subscribe to an RSS Feed. A lot of people think that, since it has the word ‘Subscribe’ they’re going to have to pay for something or they’re going to get something in their mail. Explain the benefits and have button or link included so they can subscribe right there.
  12. Add your RSS link to your email signature: This is easy enough to do for with most email servers.
  13. Use a widget: Put a widget in the sidebar of all your blogs that shows what readers will see when they subscribe to your RSS feed. There are several WordPress widgets that will handle this, Feedburner has a widget, and lets you custom design your own widget.
  14. Good Titles: Giving your blog posts great titles will help keep the subscribers you do have and make it easier for them to share your blog posts. Use keywords and make sure your titles are relevant to the post. A good title tells the reader what the article is about and also tells them what they’ll gain by reading it.
  15. Make it easy to Share: Make it easy for subscribers to Share your content by including email buttons, Share/Like buttons, bookmark buttons, etc. You can add these options with plug-ins or use the Optimize features at Feedburner.
  16. Be Social: Use Twitter and Facebook fan pages to get your RSS link out there. You can no longer ignore the power of social networking.
  17. Blog comment subscriptions: Make sure people can subscribe to the comments on your blog. Many people who won’t subscribe for your content will be tempted to subscribe to the comments just so they can see how people respond to the comment they left.
  18. Post it to RSS directories: Submit your RSS feed to online feed directories for more exposure. is a popular directory and you’ll find plenty more by searching for ‘feed directory’.
  19. Start a serial: One way to get subscribers is to start a series of blog posts. Magazines use this method to gain subscribers and it works on blogs, too. Let your readers know you’re running a 10 Part Series of blog posts related to XYZ topic, and if they don’t want to miss anything they better subscribe.
  20. Brag about it: Once you get a fair number of blog subscribers, add a counter to your feed button so your readers can see how many subscribers you have. Everybody likes to be part of a crowd!

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  1. Bbrian017

    Hey really awesome list Steven. I’m doing some of this but your list would bring me into 15 hours of work a day! I guess at this point ti’s all about finding what works for us and sticking to it.

    1. Steven

      Yep, obviously, not everything is working in every niche. You could give a try to all of these, then stick with the things that are having positive results.

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