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Blog Spice: 9 Ways to Make Your Blog More Exciting… Fast!

Every post you write won’t be a winner but they don’t all have to be duds, either.

If your blog posts just aren’t getting the rave reviews you expected, sometimes all you need to do is add a little spice.

1. Add an attention-grabbing title

Your title is one of the most important elements of your post.

It’s often the only thing the reader sees unless he clicks through to read the whole post, and he’s not going to click through unless he’s engaged by your title.

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2. Use a powerful image

Any time you can help your reader visualize your message you’ll make a bigger impact.

Images are also attention-grabbers and can pull your reader into your post.

Use powerful high-quality images that represent the benefit to the reader.

3. Answer WIIFM

If your reader can read your entire post and still say, “So what?” then you haven’t made the content relevant for your reader, you haven’t told him why this information matters to him.

Readers come to your posts looking for answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Your reader always wants to know What’s In It For Me?

4. Make it personal

Adding a personal anecdote enables the reader to visualize himself in your place and follow along with your experience.

Personal stories that relate to your content also help form an emotional connection between you and your reader.

Now, you’re not just a blogger, you’re a real human being.

5. Make it actionable

Don’t just give your readers information.

Give them something they can do with that information immediately upon reading your post that will have an immediate effect on their lives or circumstances.

6. Add emotion

Controversial posts are always popular because they encourage disagreement and debate.

But you don’t always have to use negativity to get an emotional reaction.

Create thought provoking content by starting your post with “What if..?” and then present an scenario for your readers to debate.

7. Add quotes

Use quotes from other bloggers or industry experts to add credibility and weight to your post.

If you’re the only one saying it your reader can always say, “Oh, yeah? Says who?

8. Add skillful writing

Learn how to use metaphors and analogies to create content that helps bridge the communication gap by enabling your reader to visualize your message.

Learn how to craft paragraphs and write a proper sentence.

In other words, never stop trying to improve your writing skills.

It’s often the only thing that differentiates your blog from your competitor’s.

9. Punch it up with words

Use language to spice up your posts.

Get rid of unnecessary words like “very” and “really”, they just take up space but don’t add anything to the conversation.

Add in some powerful words like “extremely” or “premier” or “ultimate” to give your content more punch.

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  1. Lauren @ Pure Text

    As a fiction editor (primarily anyway), I like seeing the parallels between good fiction writing and good writing in general. Adding emotion, striving to grab attention, making it personal, and even addressing WIIFM all apply. (Skilled writing is a given, lol.)

  2. Divorced Kat

    I see changes to my traffic depending on my headline. Headlines with numbers (8 Ways to be A Kickass Friend to a Divorcee) or a bit of shock value (I’m Never Having Sex Again) have certainly been effective.

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