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Most people make a mistake when it comes to their weblog. They think that because a weblog is not a genuine website, they do not have to worry about website design. It is definitely true that a blog is much more simple than a full website. There is very little to create or change when it comes to design.

However, there is still an element of design and creativity to the weblog, and if you make the wrong choices with your own blog, then you will not be able to gain the readership and visibility that you want. Here are eight things to avoid when you are working on your blog setup.

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1/ No Author Information

People do not feel like a weblog is as genuine if there is no author presence. They will feel that the blog is instead cold and possibly not even valid. You can remedy this quite simply by including two elements. You will need an author photo and a biography. When you do this, you will take away the anonymity of the blog. Readers will feel that the blog is more personal and more genuine.

2/ Not Understanding the Value of the Title

Some people do not put much information in the title. Whether you just have not thought much of your blog titles or you have purposefully left out information trying to draw readers in, you are making a mistake. Instead, your blog titles need to be informative enough to capture attention in an RSS feed or in search results.

3/ Unknown Linking

Instead of telling someone to “click here” you need to specify where that “here” is. The truth is, people are less likely to click on a link if they have no idea where that link goes. Make sure to specify where you are sending readers through links.

4/ No Theme or Topic

Unless your weblog is purely personal, you need to make sure that you stick to your theme. The reason you gain readers is that they will go back to your blog to read on the same topic, not random things that you thought about.

5/ No Categorization

If you use the default navigation tool for your blog, it will be a calendar. However, if a reader wants to read you old blogs, they will have no idea what they will be reading if they can only click on a date. Choose instead to categorize your blog posts so that readers can easily navigate to what they wish to read.

6/ Using a Sub-domain

It is easy to get caught up in the low price of sub-domains for your blog, but then you will be at the mercy of that domain for advertising and layouts. Additionally, this will look unprofessional. Instead, make sure your blog uses your own domain.

7/ Infrequent Posting

You have to be on schedule with your weblog postings. Either choose a certain time of the day or certain day of the week and always follow this schedule. Otherwise, readers will never know when your blog will be updated.

8/ No Links to Your Best Posts

One way to gain more reader interest is to highlight your best posts instead of letting them get lost in the archives. This will give readers something to look for.

If you avoid these mistakes in setting up your blog, you will find that you can create a blog that readers will enjoy and that will gain ranking quite easily.

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