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Blogging is kinda like a video game.

You wander around collecting magical tokens and tools, but unless you spend those tokens and use those tools you never advance to the next level.

You’re left to wander that level aimlessly, for the rest of Eternity.

If you feel your blog is wandering aimlessly, here’s how you can advance to the next level of SEO.

Optimize Popular Posts and Pages

Scattered throughout your archives you have dozens of popular posts and pages. These are your blog’s magical tokens. Find them and use them to leverage page views.

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Optimizing your post or page means doing everything you can to get the most out of it. You already know that page is popular and lots of your visitors are reading it. Now you need to look at that page and see how you can use that popularity to your advantage.

In other words, rather than just reading that page and moving on, what else can you get your visitor to do while they’re on that page?

In a previous post I discussed various ways to optimize a popular post on your blog. Here are the top three:

1 – Monetize it

If you don’t already have that post or page monetized, now’s the time to do it. Don’t assume your readers are going to see your ads in your sidebars. Place a banner at the end of the post or in the top left corner – whatever works best for your blog.

Links inside your content may perform even better than banners so take a look at your post. Is there a way to tweak it so you can naturally include an anchor text link to the product or service you’re promoting?

2 – Add a call to action to subscribe

Again, don’t assume your readers are going to see your opt-in form over there in the sidebar. Put a strong call to action at the end of your popular posts and pages. If appropriate, put that opt-in box right there at the end of the page.

3 – Add internal linking

This is a must. If you do nothing else you need to at least go through and add some internal links on that page. Inside the body of your content use anchor text links to link to relevant information in your archives. Use a plug-in or manual coding to include links to relevant titles at the end of the page.

Create More Of The Same

One of the tools you have that can help you move to the next level is your blog’s analytics. You may be using your hosting analytics or Google Analytics or you might have some other special tools. Eithe way, use your analytics to find out what keywords and questions people are using when they land on those popular pages.

Then do more keyword research, or poll your readers, monitor their comments, and engage in your social networks to find out what other questions your readers have.

Next, look at those popular pages or posts to see what sets them apart from the other content on your blog. Is it the information you’re presenting or the way you’re presenting it?

Once you have all of these tools lined up, use them to create more of the same type of high-quality content. And don’t forget to optimize these new pages, because you know they’re also going to become some of your most popular content.

Blogging is like a video game. There’s always a next level with new challenges and opportunities. Don’t just rest on your popular content, put it to use and advance your blog to the next level.

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  1. Aaron

    Great thoughts here. Would have liked to see more gamer analogy, like ‘looking at your top old posts and trying to replicate their results is like repeatedly playing the same level in Mario/COD/Zelda until you’ve found all the secrets and can beat the boss without breaking a sweat’ :)

    The links within content for monetization or internal linking are really key. Watching your bounce rate tells you if these are working.

    Thanks for the article!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Aaron!

      Well, I could go on with the video game analogy for ages but I think you got my point ;) Don’t you?

      There are so many aspects of blogging that are like video games… Maybe I’ll make full guide about that in the future.

  2. Lindsay

    Can you shed any light on whether Google+ is really all that important for seo? I’ve heard some vague thing about needing to logged in to Google for Google+ to make a difference…? Hog wash or truth?

    1. Steven

      Lindsay, from my point of view, Google+ is now an essential step of Search Engine Optimization.

      Even if you don’t use that social network on a regular basis, the very least you should do is create your own profile in order to setup Google Authorship for your content.

    2. Bodynsoil

      Great question regarding Google and Google plus. Thanks for this post, off to optimize and read more of your stuff. I’m just returning to blogging after a hiatus and working to build my audience and ranking to what they once were. What are your thoughts on Alexa?

  3. Jon Rhodes

    Very true about the authorship Steven. Alongside my Google listings is a nice picture of yours truly. It doesn’t take much to set it up, and it is worth it. It makes my site stand out from the crowd as most people still haven’t set this up yet, so my face is often alone on the whole page.

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