Blog Revenue 10 Strategies to Increase Your Income Thanks to Your Blog

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Blog Revenue: 10 Strategies to Increase Your Income Thanks to Your Blog

We talk a lot about affiliate marketing, PPC ads, list building and ways you can make money with a blog.

But plenty of bloggers don’t have a single visible sign of monetization on their blogs.

No ads whatsoever.

At least, nothing you’d recognize as a traditional ad.

How do they make money with their blogs?

They don’t.

They make money because of their blogs.

Here’s how they do it.

1. Consulting

To promote yourself as a consultant you give away loads of valuable information in your blog posts and then sell your consulting services to people who want a little one-on-one attention so they can apply your teachings to their own personal situation.

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While it might seem like the only people who make money are those who teach bloggers how to blog, there are consultants in every field imaginable. I’ve seen bloggers in the photography niche, marketing niches, craft niches, dating niches, financial niches, and more who all offer personal consultation services and they make a very good income.

2. Books

More and more authors are using blogs to promote their books and I’ve seen literally dozens of bloggers who’ve been approached by publishers asking them to write a book, sometimes based on the topic of their blog and sometimes on a completely unrelated topic. If you’re an author, start blogging!

3. Public speaking

I know of two bloggers right off the top of my head who use their blogs to promote themselves as public speakers. One is an author in the Vampire genre and she visits libraries to talk to aspiring teen age authors. While she may not get paid for speaking she gets to promote her books.

4. Training

While a seminar or public speaking engagement typically delivers information, a training seminar goes a step further and actually teaches the audience how to do something. Many small venues like churches or libraries will let you use their facilities for free or for a very small fee. Whatever your area of expertise there’s someone out there willing to pay you to teach them.

5. Freelance writing

A blog is an excellent way to showcase writing samples online. Instead of going through the hassle of sorting through clips and articles every time you send out a query, all you have to do is give the editor a link to your blog.

6. Selling services

You can promote any type of service from your blog. Once you’ve established some traffic, look around and see what your readers need. If your audience consists of bloggers, they might need content for their blogs, or someone to set up their Facebook page.

7. Selling E-products

E-products include ebooks, software programs, apps, blogging tools, membership sites and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten. Instead of promoting someone else’s e-product, create your own and build your brand.

8. Finding a job

Many teens and college students are starting blogs to build an online profile that’s more extensive than any resume they could create. And all that content gives the perception that they’re already experts in their chosen fields.

9. Lead generation

Many business use blogs to help generate leads. Each post is like a little online advertisement and instead of sending readers off to a competitor “for more information” the send them to their own contact page and capture their own leads. If you develop an active blog it’s much more effective than PPC ads and it’s a lot cheaper, too.

10. ?????

I could go on and on. I haven’t even mentioned the bloggers who use their blogs to promote their own physical products like handmade jewelry or designer cupcakes. But what about you? If you knew you’d be successful no matter what, how would you choose to make money because of your blog?


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  1. Robert Connor

    Some good alternative ways to help other people & make a few bucks too. Thanks Steven! Have a great day on purpose. One day we hope to add a few services to our blog. By the way do not like your character counter.

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