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Today’s post is more a kind of live experiment.

I want to hear from you: my blog readers!

We all know that, like it or not, the first impression always counts!

Whether it be the first impression you get when talking to a person in a live event, or the first impression you get when visiting a blog for the first time.


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You should never lose focus of this point: what you are saying in the first 10 seconds after meeting someone will either make people stick around and want to learn more about you, or just put you on the uninteresting list and move on.

In an upcoming post, I’ll develop more on the live aspect of this and the necessity of preparing your elevator speech, but today is about online.

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When we first visit a website, we generally decide in less than 5 seconds if its information may or may not be of any interest to us.

You don’t have long to make a positive impression on your potential readers!

I’d like you to share in the comments some information about your first encounter with Dukeo.

Where were you coming from?

Do you remember the subject of the first post you did read on this blog?

And lastly, what made you stick around here?

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  1. Webdesign Inspiration

    Hey Steven :)
    I’ve been following you from another project you have (not going to name it here). Been here since dukeo’s launch. Great blog.

  2. Flash Games

    I first heard about Dukeo in February on a private forum where we’re both members.

  3. Peerfly Affiliate Manager

    I am pretty sure I originally made my way here through one of your “Who is” blog posts that someone I follow linked to on Twitter.

    1. Steven

      I have a feeling that’s the case for a lot of my readers :) Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Websiterockstars

    Heard about you from one of John Chow’s webinars. Stuck around because I wanted to see what the caricatures were all about. Was impressed by how short a time you have been doing this.

    1. Steven

      Hey thank you!

      Indeed, Dukeo will be 3 months old tomorrow… It’s still just the beginning of the journey!

  5. Cullen Swanson

    Steven, I don’t know how I started getting your emails, but I have been deleting them for weeks. I read one this morning, and checked out your FB, and then on to your website. You have some good content; I enjoyed reading several of your blog posts. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

    1. Steven

      Hi Cullen, if you have started receiving my emails, then you must have opted-in at some point because I don’t force anyone to subscribe :) I’m glad you enjoyed the blog posts. Thank you for the kind words.

  6. Oana

    I stumbledupon your site, but I am not sure which was the subject. It might have been about seo as I was just creating my blog.
    I stayed for the incredible useful info. Optimized my blog step by step after some of your posts.
    Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Thanks a lot for your nice words Oana. This blog is all about helping other people succeed!

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