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You don’t realize just how big the Internet is until you start blogging. A lot of new bloggers think all they have to do is set it up, write a few blog posts, and the traffic comes rolling in. But that’s not how it works. There’s a lot of competition out there. If you want people to find your blog, out of the billions of other blogs on the Internet, then you’ll need to understand these 10 important facts of blog promotion.

facts of blog promotion

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Your First Most Important Step Is To Create Great Content

You can build hundreds of backlinks and spread your name all over Twitter, Facebook and all the other social networks. You can even pay for traffic. But unless you have a lot of great content on your blog to begin with, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you bring in. They’re not going to stick around because there’s nothing there to see.

Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

Don’t keep kicking yourself because some other blogger says he’s getting thousands of visitors every day and you’re only seeing a few hundred. It’s not the quantity of traffic that counts, it’s the quality. Focus more on how and where you promote your blog so you bring in targeted traffic, the kind of traffic that’s more apt to buy.

Be Consistent With Your Posting Frequency

One of the best things you can do to promote your blog is to post frequently and consistently. You don’t have to post every day, but I’ve noticed that the more often you post, and if you stick to a regular schedule, the higher your traffic numbers. Your readers get used to seeing that new post everyday and they start coming back automatically to see what new content you’ve posted. Slack off for just a few days and you’ll see a huge dip in traffic.

Realize Traffic Is Unpredictable

You know that old saying about “Wash, Rinse and Repeat?” Don’t count on it when it comes to traffic numbers. You can write a killer blog post that goes viral and gets viewed by a million people this week, then turn around and repeat that same killer-quality content in another post and you’ll hear crickets. Don’t worry. It’s not always easy to predict what your readers want. Just be sure to always create great content, every time you post.

Link Building Is Critical

Link building via blog comments and having other bloggers that link to you is important because those links bring in what’s known as “referral traffic.” The people who follow those links are already pre-sold on your blog because a friend or another blogger linked out to you.

You Need A Good Mix

There are three types of traffic: Direct, referral and organic. You need a good mix of all three types. Great, keyword rich content will attract traffic from the search engines and lead to referral traffic when other bloggers link to you. Direct traffic it traffic that does just what the name implies: These visitors come directly to your blog through a bookmark or by typing your URL in the address bar. Because they’re coming directly to your blog, this means they’ve already been there at least once and they liked it. Focus on promoting your blog across a variety of avenues so you can generate all three types of traffic.

Your Goal Is To Generate Repeat Traffic

Again, the best way to promote your blog is to make sure you’re always providing great content. Great content gets shared by your readers. Great content gets linked to by other bloggers. And great content keeps your readers coming back again. Eventually, those repeat visitors turn into customers.

Traffic Sources Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Sure, it helps to have thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter but honestly, traffic from the big social networks is iffy at best. Yes, they were referred by a friend. But those visitors typically just click through on the link to see what it leads to and then they click away, they don’t stick around. Look around for smaller, more intimate traffic sources, like private forums, or start joining in the chats on some of your favorite blogs. Sometimes it’s easier to engage just a few people at a time.

You Need To Network With Other Bloggers

Don’t overlook the benefits of networking with other bloggers. You can bounce business ideas of each other, trade tips and advice, and you can link out to one another, providing more valuable content for your readers. Put together a group of bloggers and you can even work on promoting all of your blogs together.

Blog Traffic Is Cheap; Targeted Blog Traffic Isn’t

You can buy a few thousand visitors a day at sites like and but you’re going to get exactly what you pay for. They’ll send you every Tom, Dick and Harry on their Twitter list and none of them will spend more than 10 seconds on your blog before they click away. On the other hand, you can pay a lot more and buy targeted traffic, but if you do, it still comes down to whether or not you have great content on your blog.

No matter how or where you promote your blog, or how much traffic you bring in, they’re only going to stay on your blog if you have great content, something that holds their attention. So before you start worrying too much about promotion, make sure you have plenty of great content to keep that traffic on the page once they arrive.

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  1. Dave Lucas (@davelucas)

    Hello! Some excellent points here – not the usual “guru crap”. Hope your post goes viral!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the nice words Dave!

  2. Lez Pensacola

    Thank you for your frequent and helpful posts. You’re helping me build a successful blog by making it easier to understand the ins and outs of acquiring traffic.

    1. Steven

      I’m always glad if I can help Lez. That’s what Dukeo is all about.

  3. Charise

    Great article. I think the most critical step is to have quality content! So many will post frequently but forget about giving people something great to read!

    1. Steven

      You’re right Charise. Quality always beats quantity!

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