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I have a friend who suffers the Winter Doldrums and it’s just automatically understood that every February she’s going to do a major makeover on at least one room in her house. It’s her way of curing those seasonal blues many people experience when they’re shut up in the house all winter. If you’re feeling a little blue about your blog lately a blog project might be just the cure you need to help you break out of that rut.

Most bloggers who’ve been at it for a while experience the blogging blues. You’re not really sick of your blog, but you’re not really excited, either. If you can come up with a good post idea for the day, great, but if you can’t, who really cares?

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If your case of the blues is just a 24-hour bug, then no problem. It happens to everyone every now and then. But if it drags on for more than two or three days, then you need to do something to pull yourself out of that rut. You need to find a reason to be excited about blogging again. You need a project, something you can really sink your teeth into and get that blogging blood flowing again.

Create a Series Post

A series post is one of the easiest projects you can sink your teeth into. You don’t have to try something new or spend time learning new techniques. You already know how to write great content. Now you just need to expand it.

Choose a broad topic that has plenty of sub-topics and lots of ground to cover. Then either write it up as individual posts or write one long post and break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. This is you chance to cover that major topic you’ve been putting off because you didn’t have the time or energy to cover it fully.

Try Something New

If you typically write all your content, try using a video to convey your message. Or visit PiktoChart and teach yourself how to create a killer infographic. If you’ve been thinking about starting a weekly podcast, this is the time to get it together and kick it off.

Get Your Readers Involved

Start a project that involves your readers. For example, you could ask them to submit a guest blog post on a specific topic or ask them to submit a cartoon. It’s not really necessary to turn it into a contest because many of your readers will participate just for the chance to see their own work on your blog so they can brag about it to all of their friends.

The possibilities are endless here. Ask for favorite recipes that use chocolate chips. Have readers submit photos of the baby blanket they knit using one of the patterns on your blog. Ask them to pick your favorite blog post, share a favorite blog, or whatever you can come up with that’s both relevant and adds some excitement to your blog.

Start A Case Study Or Experiment

In every niche there are products or techniques you want to try but you never have the time. If it’s something your readers would appreciate, take the time now and blog about your experience. For example, if always wanted to learn more about Pinterest and you think your readers would enjoy learning, too, go get a Pinterest account and start blogging about it. Let your readers see the mistakes you make and show them how to do it right.

You can use blog projects to spice up your blog all year long, not just when you’re feeling the blogging blues. So get out your paintbrushes and drop cloths and get started on that project today. Your readers are waiting to share your experience.

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