Blog Potential Is It Time To Just Give Up And Pull The Plug?

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In an earlier post I talked about why bloggers might be driven to contemplate killing their blogs.

Maybe you’re thinking nothing could ever happen between you and your blog that would make you consider committing this ultimate act of treachery, but I assure you, the time will come.

But before you commit the dastardly deed, here are some factors you should consider.

Do You Have The Time And Energy For This?

Building a successful blog takes a substantial commitment of time and energy. Of course, each blog is different, but before you decide to pull the plug look at how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go to reach your goals.

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Do You Have The Knowledge And Skills?

Do you have what it takes to pull your blog out of this nosedive, and, if not, do you have the time and desire to learn the necessary skills? Be honest with yourself. No sense beating a dead horse. If you don’t want to make the commitment then don’t waste anymore of your time.

Is The Passion Gone?

We’ve all met someone and fallen passionately in lust but it doesn’t take long for the passion to fizzle. Do you still look at your topic with passion each day or are you ready to end the relationship?

Is The Topic Already Dead?

Maybe you’re blogging in a niche that’s too narrow and you’ve run out of things to write about. Maybe you’re blogging in a trendy niche and the trend is on the downswing. There are lots of reason a topic or niche might die. Is it worth reviving or is it time to bury your blog?

Do You Still Have Traffic?

Is your blog an absolute ghost town or do you still have traffic coming in? If you do still have traffic is it staying steady, is it growing or is it gradually dwindling away? Remember to factor in the length of time you’ve been blogging and the effort you’ve put into traffic generation. Have you done everything you can or could you do more?

Does Your Blog Still Have Income Potential?

If your blog is earning, is your income staying steady or declining? Again, factor in the amount of time you’ve spent generating that income and your potential for growth should you keep the blog up and running. What if you were to change the way you have the blog monetized? And if so, would the potential income be worth the time and effort?

Are Your Readers Still Engaged?

Even though your traffic may not be growing, and even if it’s dwindling, you may still have readers who are engaged with your blog in some way.

Are they using your older content for reference? Are they still sharing your links and leaving comments?

Are your readers still interested in your blog even though their numbers may have diminished?

Sometimes it’s best to put your blog out of its misery immediately but sometimes it’s better to let it linger on for awhile and let it die a peaceful death.

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  1. Katherine

    Nobody should ever run out of things to write about. If your niche is too small, then broader your horizons. If passion is the problem, then by all means, stop typing.

  2. Julie

    So sad. I understand how sometimes we just can’t tend to certain blogs like we used to. What do you do with dead blogs? Sell the domain? Let them sit?

    1. Steven

      Hello Julie. I answered in the following post: “How to Kill Your Blog Successfully – The Methods”

  3. Kim Virrueta

    We left our WordPress blog alone for 3 years and just published to it for the first time yesterday. Can’t say why we just left it other than, wow, there were no readers and we didn’t see the point. You’re right…we didn’t promote in the right places, social media wasn’t the same then as it is now, and today, I think we can rejuvenate it. I am very passionate about SEO and social media marketing for doctors. I won’t run out of things to blog about – and I have the knowledge now to get the word out better than I did before.

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