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When it comes to blogging you have enough on your mind. You do not want to have to be concerned with plagiarism. While you likely do not sit and copy other blog posts, it is possible that you could coincidentally write something that was quite similar to someone else’s work. This is especially true if you focus your blog on current news, events and products. Since you obviously want unique content for your blog and you do not want to be accused of plagiarizing someone else’s, it is important to know how to best check your content to ensure that it is actually original. Unless you write about things completely personal, there is a chance it may not be.

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check blog post plagiarism

There are many online sites that offer this ability. You can choose from a number of them and use them individually or together to get the best results. A little research will easily tell you which ones are the best. The purpose of these sites is simply to take the content you have created and input into the site and compare it with the many webpages located on the internet. It can then tell you quickly and effectively whether or not the content is unique and if it has some copied text then the site will tell you how much. In other words you will leave the site knowing the percentage of your post that is original.

When you visit sites such as Copyscape or Duplichecker, the first thing you should know is that not all of them are free. Some do charge a small fee for the work of checking your text. One of the most commonly used and trusted among professionals is Copyscape and they do charge for the service. You do not pay a large amount, but you put a minimum amount of money into your account. From there you can check as many entries as you want until your account is empty. Some are free and are still considered reliable among many. Duplichecker is one of the free ones that is used often.

Checking your text is quite simple. You add your text into the box provided on the site and then it will scan what you have entered. If there are any matches, it will show you the match and include the link to the original. In some cases it will be a simple match of common words. In other cases it will be something more complex that could be taken as plagiarism.

Many people end up plagiarizing the work of someone else without ever intentionally meaning to. They simply write their content and do not realize that others have done the same thing. This can lead to more problems than you want to contend with. The best way to avoid that is to have the work checked out prior to posting it. After all, part of the appeal of your blog is that it is entirely original. So you really do not want others to associate it with being the same as another blog, right?

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  1. Paul Salmon

    Plagiarism is a rampant issue online these days, especially those made for AdSense sites. Fortunately, search engines have more intelligence built into them to avoid ranking such sites. As a website/blog owner, protecting your content is rather difficult, so preventing copying is more of a reactive task rather than a proactive one.

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