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Blog Post Types: Which Ones Should You Be Using

Bloggers have a difficult job. They have to create unique, quality content each and every day in order to acquire and maintain success. Even those that have become well-known and successful continue to have to create something to keep their fan base. This often entails changing things up a little bit from time to time. That is not to say that the topics of your content should change. The fact is that your readers visit your site for specific reasons. If you suddenly switch gears then you will lose those established readers you have attained. What it does mean, however, is that you can add some variety while sticking to the content that your readers are looking for.

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The basic thing to remember is to keep your topic and style of writing the same. If it changes people will notice and you can potentially lose them. If you typically write in a humorous way then continue that process. The same is the case for serious content. Do not alter your personality or what you provide to readers. Instead focus on other ways to incorporate your theme through a variety of content. This lets your readers have something new to look forward while still keeping the blog they have grown to love.

One of the best ways to do is through using varied types of blog posts. Most blogging software allows you to incorporate a variety of content onto your site. This means that you easily can change things around a bit and give your readers something new. The key is to know what types of posts you can use and taking advantage of them. Obviously your first and main style of post should be your typical post. This is what readers expect and if you eliminated it altogether they would be unhappy. Just throw in a few other types from time to time and you will see the advantages.

Among your choices is the option to add pages to your site. This may be as simple as a section that tells about yourself. It gives you new content in a style that is not typical for your site. Many styles of software will also give you the ability to add databases. If your typical content is a type that would allow you to create a database then you should take advantage of this opportunity. Adding photos may be a typical thing for your posts, but you may not have considered adding a complete gallery. When you do this your readers are given the opportunity to view something extra and they will likely find it appealing as long as it sticks with your theme.

There are many other types of posts that you can have on your site depending on which software you use. Taking advantage of this variety means that you have unique content to add and keep your readers’ attention. A simple addition of something extra can go a long way towards increasing the popularity of your site and the satisfaction of those who visit.


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