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Today we’re going to talk about promoting your next post because it’s not very effective if nobody reads it, now is it?

In the past I’ve written some pretty killer blog posts and thought to myself, “Self, this is a pretty killer blog post that provides so much value. It would be really cool if I could get it in front of some new readers because then they could see just how valuable my content is and they’d become loyal followers of my blog. But how the heck do I do it? How do I extend my reach?” (See? I even have lengthy conversations with myself.)

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How to Promote a Blog Post – Because you KNOW You Want To

1. Pitch it to other bloggers: Email other bloggers and point out how your post would be relevant for their readers. Only ask for a link if it’s one of your blogging buddies. If it’s not one of your buddies, don’t ask. You’ll just look like a spammer. He knows what you’re after and he’ll link to it if he wants to. NOTE: Only do this with your very best content.

2. Submit it as a guest post: If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed… Submit it as a guest post on a relevant blog with a high volume of traffic.

3. Social messaging: Hit the mattresses, Sonny! Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever you favorite social networks are and start spreading the word.

4. Social bookmarking: Don’t forget social bookmarking sites, too.

5. Internal links: Link to it from high-traffic posts on your own blog and highlight it in your sidebar.

6. Newsletters: Include a link or your newsletter. Better yet, send out an email blast and tell everybody to read this post and share it.

7. Blog comments and forums: Most bloggers think the have to use the link to their homepage when they’re commenting on other blogs but you can use the URL for this killer post you’re promoting. Use it in your forum signatures, too.

8. Email signatures: You probably send dozens of emails every day. Put this link in your signature.

9. Follow-up posts: Write a follow-up post that points to this killer post. If they missed it the first time around, they’ll catch it in the follow-up.

10. Advertising: Create you own ad banner that links to that post. Put it in your own sidebar and ask your friends to do the same. And some PPC advertising is dirt cheap. If you’re feeling brave check out Google AdWords. If you’re less experienced, you can get StumbleUpon traffic for a song.

11. Press releases: Write your own press releases announcing your remarkable new article and publish is in dozens of free online press release sites.

12. Mainstream media: Send an email to your local radio and TV stations, or go to the big national sites. They all need good content, too.

13. Article marketing: Publish some articles at Ezine or ArticlesBase and include links to this killer post in your resource box.

14. Run a contest: Run a contest on your blog. Use RaffleCopter and set up a raffle where your readers earn more “raffle tickets” each time they share, tweet, comment or write their own posts promoting yours killer content. It’s really a pretty cool project.

Whoops! I went a little overboard and gave you 14 golden nuggets. So, now it’s up to you. Since I over-delivered, why not share one of your own promotion secrets. How do you promote an individual blog post when you really want to spread the word?

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  1. David Lawyer

    Good list. Let’s not also forget more image-based social networking sites like Pinterest. If you have a post with some good images or even video, you can pin that image/video to a pin board and also bring in readers that way.

  2. Sreejesh

    Social media, commenting, networking are things that quickly enter my mind after a post is published. Forum posting is worth investing time. Internal linking is very much worth spending time, it adds more value to old content. Your post adds more to my checklist. Thanks

  3. Lee Jenna Tyler

    I’m eating up each of your posts, but this one is terrific. I’m too shy to write a press release for myself but I do but a hyperlink an each email I send out that links to my blog; though your idea of linking to the best post is great. Have some backspacing to do. ;) I’m all over social media though I just lost my page sharing site ( so need to get back on Pinterest! Thanks again.

  4. Rhonda Kronyk

    This is a great list. I keep forgetting to add links to my email signature – I will make it a habit this week. I am also just beginning to sign up at forums. I figure anything is worth a shot. I’m also uncomfortable with things like press releases, but am going to consider it and see if there is a way for me to implement the idea. Thanks for the ideas

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