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Today I’m going to cover the body of your article – does it really matter?

Of course it does.

But let’s talk about it, because you need to know why.

Why Does Your Blog Post Need To Matter?

In my post about how to choose a topic for your post I discussed how every blog post should have a purpose. Generally, that purpose is something that matters to you – sending your readers to a squeeze page or persuading them to click a Buy button.

But every post should also matter to your readers. When they read your post, if they get to the end and say, “So what?” then they’ve either missed your point or you’ve failed to make one. Either way, the reader received nothing of value in exchange for the time he spent reading your post. You’ve wasted his time and you’ve wasted the time you spent writing that post.

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When Should You Take A Step Back And Ask Yourself “So What?

Since the whole premise of this series it to show you how important it is to pause at specific points while you’re writing your posts, instead of just dashing them off and hoping for the best, here are three points where you should pause and ask yourself “So What?” while you’re writing the meat of your post.

Before you even get started: Before you even start writing, ask yourself why the information you’re presenting is important for your reader.

To make it even easier, look at those facts or statistics or links or “How-To tips” from the readers standpoint. At the very beginning of your article he’s going to wonder why you feel he needs to know this information. What use will it be to him? Why does it matter? You can tell your reader “The sky is blue” but why he wants to know how that information answers one of his needs.

While you’re writing: Constantly keep reminding yourself why this information is relevant for your reader. By keeping this goal in mind your content will be more on-topic. If you’re writing a long post, it also helps to pause and remind your reader why the information you’re covering is relevant so he stays on-topic with you.

Before you publish: When you’ve finished writing, read back over your post. Every time you present new information make sure you’ve answered the question, “So What? Why does this information matter to my reader?

You’ve probably heard a zillion times that you should keep your posts short, sweet, and to-the-point but some bloggers take this literally and all they do is present information. But if you don’t tell your readers why that information is important for them, how it affects their lives or why it matters, then all you’re doing is giving them information they could find on dozens of blogs all over the web. By answering the questions “So What?” you’re making your content unique and relevant for your specific audience.

Take a look at some of your most recent posts and see if they answer the question “So What?” If they don’t, then they’re not providing any value for your readers.

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