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Blog Post Crafting: an Art to Be Mastered

It happens to all of us.

You’re struck with a killer idea for a blog post so you rush to your computer, pound it out and hit publish fast, before someone else can somehow read your mind from somewhere on the other side of the world and steal your idea.

Then, you sit back, anticipating a flood of traffic and a rousing round of applause and possibly even the keys to the kingdom, because, after all, content IS King, and the only thing you hear is crickets! Whaaa??

Having an idea for a killer blog post and crafting a killer blog post are two different things.

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Your idea could be the next best thing to sliced bread but if you don’t effectively convey your message to your reader, if the reader doesn’t “get” your idea because you didn’t lay it out properly, then your post provides no value for the reader.

And that’s why you’re hearing crickets instead of applause.

But, like I said, it happens to all of us.

In our excitement over this brilliant idea and our haste to get the word out before we’re trumped by a competitor, we don’t take the time to craft a blog post, we just crank it out and assume everyone who reads it will share in our excitement.

And that’s the first lesson:

Crafting a killer blog post takes (a lot of) time.

There are several key moments in each blog post where it helps to lay down your pencil (or take your hands off the keyboard):

  1. Choosing your topic
  2. Crafting your title
  3. Your opening paragraph
  4. Your key points
  5. Your call to action
  6. The depth of your content
  7. Quality control and polishing
  8. Polishing your post
  9. Timing your publishing
  10. Promoting your post
  11. Interaction and engagement

Sometimes you just need a short break, just time enough to make sure you spelled everything correctly or you used a.m. Instead of p.m. when you scheduled your post.

Other breaks may take longer, hours or even days, such as choosing a topic that will let you lead you readers to a specific call to action.

That takes some careful planning and fancy footwork sometimes.

But if your goal is to make money with your blog, then every minute you spend writing content matters, because in any business – Time Equals Money.

If that’s the case, then every blog post should produce some type of result, something other than the sound of crickets.

And if it doesn’t, you’ve just wasted your time.

So it’s important to learn how to craft an effective blog post and if you follow these steps that’s exactly what you will achieve.

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  1. Wajid Khan

    A great post full of useful key points, i have also started to pause after making a point to ensure the point was put across and to make sure that the language i have used is understandable, one of my major flaws.

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