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It’s easy to zero in on that traffic number every time you check your stats, it’s right there at the top of the page. But there’s another number that’s just as important – your page views. Why? Because if visitors are reading multiple pages that means they like your blog. Let’s take a look at why you should focus on page views and how you can get more.

What Are Page Views?

When a visitor lands on your blog that counts as one page view. If he follows one of you internal navigation links to another page, that’s another page view. Each page he visits during that same visit counts as an additional page view. The average visitor reads 1.7 pages during his visit and that number in your analytics report is an average based on the total number of pages viewed by the total number of visitors.

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Why Are Page Views Important?

Keep in mind that not all bloggers are concerned about page views. If you’re only providing information or blogging for fun – if you’re not trying to get your readers to commit to some type of action – then page views aren’t really important.

However, if you’ve monetized your blog in some way, page views are important because they indicate how engaged your readers are with your content. For example, when a first-time visitor lands on your blog, if he likes what he reads in that first post he’ll likely look around for more information, which will lead to additional page views.

They also increase your blog’s stickiness. If that first-time visitor reads multiple pages he’s also likely to come back again, turning him into a repeat visitor, and possibly a subscriber.

And when you increase your page views you also increase your income. The average buyer reads at least 7 to 10 pages of information before he decides to make a purchase. If he finds everything he needs on your blog, you’ll get the sale.

It’s important to understand that when a long-time repeat visitor comes to your blog he’ll probably only read the one page he lands on and it’s probably your most recent post. After all, if he’s been following your blog for a while then he’s already seen your older content. So if you have a large number of subscribers their one-page visits will pull down your average.

But it’s also important to understand that if you’re going for any kind of conversions you also need to try to keep this repeat visitor on your blog for as long as possible each time he visits your blog.

How To Increase Your Blog’s Page Views

  • Internal Linking – Use links within your posts to send readers to relevant content deeper in your blog.
  • Related Content – Use a “Related Posts” plug-in to automatically generate links to relevant articles deeper in your blog.
  • Highlight Key Posts – Use text or image links in key sidebar hotspots to highlight key posts.
  • Create Compilation Posts – Create a links post that compiles all your key content on a specific topic.
  • Write Series Posts – Create series posts. Readers have to keep coming back if they want “the rest of the story.
  • Use Excerpts in RSS Feeds – Use partial posts instead of full posts in your RSS feeds and readers will have to visit your blog to read the post in its entirety.
  • Use Excerpts on Homepage – Use excerpts on your homepage so readers can see more of you recent posts at one glance.
  • Add a “Search This Site” Box – Use a plug-in to add a “Search This Site” box for readers who know exactly what they’re looking for.

Every time you publish a new post you should be thinking about keeping those visitors on your blog. Even your long-time followers and subscribers will appreciate a reminder about that killer post you wrote last year and if increasing your page views means increasing your income, those few extra minutes of link building are worth it.

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