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I just hate visiting blogs that have a sidebar cluttered with banners, especially when those banners are all for random, unrelated products. I don’t even need to read a single blog post. That jumbled sidebar is the only thing I need to see to know that the blogger doesn’t have a clue about how to monetize his blog to its full potential. In fact, he’s probably not making any money at all.

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Do the Keyword Research

When I first started getting serious about blogging I decided I was going to be a rebel and write whatever I wanted. Me do keyword research? Not a chance! My content was going to be so stellar that people from all over the Internet would flock to my blog, skipping right over the search engines.

Of course, it didn’t take me long to realize that if I wanted targeted traffic I’d have to start using keywords. Otherwise, you just end up with all kinds of people traipsing through your blog. Some of them might be interested in your product but more often than not, without doing keyword research you’re just wasting your time generating a lot of useless traffic.

Capitalize on the Traffic You Have

You probably already have some steady traffic, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, worried about monetization. Check your analytics to see what pages are attracting the largest number of visitors and make sure you have those pages monetized. Those banners in the sidebar are nice, but if you know you have a large amount of traffic coming to specific pages, then find some way to monetize that page’s content.

For example, maybe you have a dating blog with some banners for dating sites in your sidebar. If you notice that you have a large amount of traffic visiting your page about getting your ex back, then go to that page and link out to one of those “How To Get Your Ex Back” ebooks at Clickbank or Amazon. It doesn’t have to be a huge banner that blocks your content, but monetize that page.

Create Your Own Products

Some niches are just hard to monetize, there are no ebooks and what few products there are don’t provide much compensation. If that’s the case, consider creating your own products. Even if it’s only a short guide that you can sell for $5, that’s a new source of income. And once you’ve created one, you’ll see how easy it is to repeat the process.

To get ideas for what types of products would sell best on your blog, visit those high-traffic pages and see what people are looking for.

Set up Your Own Affiliate Program

Once you’ve mastered the art of content creation there’s no place to go but up. Whether it’s ebooks or software or physical products like handmade jewelry or cookies, you can set up your own affiliate program and let all those webmasters out there work to promote your products for you.

Monetizing your blog to its full potential is a gradual process and it’s continuous. There’s always something else you can add or something else you can do, to increase your earnings. Just don’t be a rebel like me. Do your keyword research before you get started.

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