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From the minute you’re born mistakes are inevitable.

You’re crawling around the floor, find a penny, and stick it up your nose.

You tell your wife her butt looks fine in those jeans and she wants to know what you mean by “fine.

You call in sick and bump into your boss as you’re buying a beer during the seventh inning stretch.

They’re silly mistakes and they’re bound to happen.

But they shouldn’t happen with your blog.

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Are your writing for the search engines or your readers?

There’s a word for that and it’s “keyword stuffing.” In the past it may have been necessary to attract the attention of the search engines. But they’re much more sophisticated now and those tiny little bots can recognize synonyms and understand the context of your post. All those keywords make your article sound like it was written by a robot. It’s dull, boring, and difficult to read. Do yourself a favor and write for your readers. The search engines are smarter than you think.

Are you just following the pack or do you stand out from the crowd?

If you’re doing the same thing everyone else in your niche is doing, why should anyone choose your blog over the others? It’s great that you’re intelligent enough to see what’s working on other blogs and try to implement those techniques on your own. But if you want to stand out from the crowd then you need to develop your own unique selling perspective.

Are you rambling on about your baby, your dog, your haircut and your recent bout of gastroenteritis, all the while hoping to make money from your blog?

Too many bloggers make the mistake of believing their readers are coming to their blog to hear all about them. They develop these massive egos and spend all their time talking about themselves. Your readers are coming to your blog for information relevant to your niche – not your personal life. If you want to blog about your personal life, start a personal blog.

Are you burying your RSS button in your footer and not even placing an opt-in form on your blog?

Your readers are busy. They may love your blog very much, but most of them don’t have a clue about RSS feeds and subscriptions and they still think if they “subscribe” to your newsletter it’s going to cost them a fee like a newspaper or magazine subscription.

You’ve done all that hard work getting traffic to your blog, now make it easy for those people to find their way back again. Write a post and explain what an RSS feed is and how to subscribe to it and follow it. Write another post telling your readers the benefits of subscribing to your FREE newsletter and put that opt-in form right there where they can see it.

Sometimes even the smallest mistakes can have a huge effect on your blog. But your blog is like everything else in life. When you learn from your mistakes and correct them, you’ll never put a penny up your nose again.

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  1. Howard

    “Your readers are coming to your blog for information relevant to your niche – not your personal life.”

    One well-known blogger I know told me that he didn’t start to get really good traffic numbers until he started including occasional personal items.

    “If you want to blog about your personal life, start a personal blog.”

    Well, I’ve done that, too. Amazingly, it is gaining traffic at a faster clip than most of my niche blogs did when I was getting started. I suppose it’s time to look into monetizing it. I have not even been trying very hard to get traffic for that site (for instance, this comment does not link to it, primarily because I doubt that any of your readers would be interested).

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