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If you’ve been blogging along for a couple of years without giving any thought to blog maintenance, then hang onto your hat and grab up your cleaning supplies.

You’ve got a lot of cleaning to do.

blog maintenance

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Monthly maintenance tasks

Consolidate plugins: Take a look at your old, dusty plugins and check out some of the newer models. You may be able to install one and delete two or three.

Delete unused plugins: Deactivate and then delete all unused plugins. They’re just taking up space on your database and slowing things down.

Delete unused themes: More clutter! Keep the theme you’re using (obviously) and one of the default themes in case your theme breaks down. Then deactivate and delete everything else. Download it to a zip file if you really must keep it around but chances are, if you’re not using it, there’s a reason.

Update your theme and plugins: Updates are always important and many times they’re created for security reasons. Make sure you install updates so you don’t get hacked.

Check for broken links: Install the Broken Links Checker WordPress plug in and checking for broken links is easy as 1-2-3.

Update affiliate links: Install the SEO Smartlinks plugin to update all the affiliate and internal links on your blog. Now, each time you add a new affiliate product, all you have to do is add in the anchor text and URL and the plug in will populate all your relevant blog posts.

Weekly maintenance tasks

Check your feeds to make sure they’re still working: Just a few weeks ago Feedburner said “goodbye” to all their Twitter followers so who knows what’s going on there. Better to be safe than sorry.

Check your opt-in forms: Now sign ups recently? Maybe the form’s not working.

Check your outgoing emails: Especially if you’ve just set up a new opt-in form, it’s important to check your outgoing emails to make sure they’re automatically going out to your subscribers. It’s very easy to accidentally hit “hold as draft” or “schedule for later” and not even realize you did it.

Look at each of your individual pages to make sure they’re all loading properly with no missing images or headers or footers.

Check the links in your blogroll: Blogs come and go these days and it’s bad for your SEO to have dead links on your site. Not to mention the fact that it’s also annoying for your followers.

Daily tasks

Check comments: Approve and delete comments on a daily basis. More often than that if possible. People like to see their comments appear quickly, while the topic is still hot and trending.

Check pingbacks: Don’t ignore pingbacks. Pingbacks happen when another blog links to your for whatever reason. Follow that link and find out why. And return the favor by linking back to that blog. This is also a great way to find blogs who might want to advertise on your blog or collaborate with you on some promotions. On the downside, you also want to check pingbacks because you might not want that blog linking to you – especially if it’s a nasty type of blog. So never ignore a pingback.

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    Just as a suggestion, you should make a PDF checklist version of this for people to download, print and use. :)

    1. Steven

      What’s the use of a PDF if you can just print the webpage?

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