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One of the drawbacks of blogging is the fact that you have to blog about the same topic forever. It’s one of the main reasons blogs fail. If you like to blog but can’t stand focusing on the same topic day after day, there are plenty of blogs out there looking for writers. Here’s how to apply for a blog job and have the best of both worlds.

Follow Directions

Follow the directions exactly. High-traffic blogs get so many applications they often use this as a way to weed out applicants. Follow the directions and use your writing skills to make your application stand out. If you feel that by following the directions you’re not going to be able to include everything you want to include, provide a link to more information.

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Sell Yourself

Most blog owners are trying to sell something so don’t be afraid to sell yourself. If you can sell yourself then that means you can sell his blog, and that makes you more valuable.

Write Well

This should go without saying. You’re applying for a blogging job so it only makes sense to write well on your application. Write for your reader, and remember he’s busy. Keep is short and sweet. Be concise, and include only your best, necessary information. If you write well and it’s engaging, he’ll contact you if he needs more information.

Provide Writing Examples

Don’t send him links to everything you’ve ever published. Instead, choose three or four of your most popular writing and if it’s relevant to his niche, so much the better.

Demonstrate Your Blogging Skills

Let the blog owner know that you understand the mechanics of blogging – search engine optimization, formatting, calls to action and social interaction. If you have followers in social networks or you’re an influential blogger, include that information, too. Let them know what blogging platforms you’re experienced with and where you’ve been a guest blogger.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Your writing samples are one way to show the blogger that you have knowledge and a passion for his niche. If you’ve never written in this area before, consider writing something now that you can include with your application. If time is of the essence, cite relevant information such as something that’s going on in the news or other blogs you read in that niche, or discuss a few of the posts on that blog.

Be Selective

Don’t just jump to apply just because you want a blogging job. Look at the blog first. Does it have traffic? What type of traffic does it have? Will you be a good fit? I hate to say it, but I also look at the application directions. If the blog owner is making you jump through hoops just to apply, what’s he going to ask you to do if he gives you the job?

Here’s something else to consider: How will you be compensated and will it be worth your time?

Be Prepared

Once you start looking for them you’ll stumble across blogging jobs around every corner, but you’re not the only blogger looking. Have at least a basic application ready to go. Set up a page somewhere that includes links to writing samples. Create an ‘About’ page that lists you experience and expertise.

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  1. Bob Straub

    This was very informative as I’ve been looking into guest posting. I know a quick Google search could get me a list, but I was wondering if you happen to have your own list of sites that readily accept guest posts.

    Thanks for this article.

  2. Angela Ursery

    Thank you–very informative post. One issue to discuss is ownership of the content of the guest post: shared, the guest poster’s, or the blog’s? Related: will the guest blogger be able to (1)link to the post and/or (2) post the content to his/her site.
    Thanks again.

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