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Blog Heatmap: Analyze Where Your Visitors Click to Improve Your Blog

You should create a heatmap of where readers click on your blog and it’s really kind of fun.

It’s like looking at your blog through night-vision goggles and the “hot spots” on your pages glow in the dark.

What’s the point, you ask?

Oh, there are many points. Read on…

First, let’s talk about how you can create a heatmap and no, you don’t need some of those Google glasses that cost $1,500 a pair. Go to CrazyEgg and you can create your heatmap for free. Just complete the registration process and upload a bit of javascript to you blog and CrazyEgg does all the work.

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4 Ways To Use Your Heatmap To Build A Better Blog

You can sit down and study your stats page all day long but it won’t make nearly the impact that a heatmap does. Just seeing all those colors pop out is amazing. But when you actually see where your readers are engaging with your blog, well, that’s powerful, useful information that you can use to:

Increase CTR on ads

CrazyEgg tracks clicks on the ads you have on your blog, including Adsense ads, affiliate ads and direct ads. Test ads in different positions, change backgrounds and font colors, and test alternate ads to increase your click through rate. If you’re selling direct ad space on your blog, a higher CTR means you can charge more for the space.

Improve your blog’s design

Use CrazyEgg to test the effectiveness of various elements of your blog design including link colors, navigation bars, sidebar widgets and navigation. Continue to test and tweak each individual element to increase conversions.

Content creation

I’ve said in a few posts that text links inside my posts convert better than banner ads and this is one way to test it on your own blog. When you’re using affiliate links the network usually provides tracking information that lets you see where your traffic is coming from but it doesn’t specify where the link is located on the page. With CrazyEgg you’ll be able to see exactly which links your readers are click on.

Traffic analysis

CrazyEgg will even break down clicks and list them according to the traffic source. Use this information to compare how readers from different traffic sources react when they visit your blog. For example, do your visitors from Facebook follow links to related articles or do they click on your affiliate links? Does your Google traffic go to your About page? If you knew which traffic source was sending the bulk of your subscribers you could tweak your content for the other sources.

This list just barely scratches the surface. Create a heatmap of your blog so you can see where readers are clicking and then come back here and tell us how you’re going to apply this information to your own blog.


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