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Even the most successful bloggers have trouble staying focused. After all, if you’ve been blogging about the same thing for years you’re bound to get a little bleary-eyed and start drifting off track. Here are four tips to help put the pep back in your step and the focus back on your blog.


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Focus On The Basics

Focus on those basic activities of blogging – writing blog posts, link building, connecting in the social networks, reading other blogs, increasing your number of subscribers and even creating your own products. If your view’s been a little out of focus lately then chances are you’ve been slacking off on these basic chores.

Put some extra effort into creating some unique content for your blog. If you’ve tried made a video, do it now. If you’ve always wanted to create viral content, do it now. Zero in on the basic again and bring back the excitement to your blog.

Shake It Up A Little

Nothing gets the blood flowing like a heated debate. Write something controversial for your blog. What’s everybody talking about these days? Do you agree with their opinion? Fine. But try looking at it from the other viewpoint. Now take a stand on your blog and present that controversial viewpoint to your readers. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with it but it’ll sure give them something to talk about.

Set A New Goal

Maybe you’re not focused because you have nothing to focus on. Maybe you just need a new carrot dangling in front of your nose. Take a look at your blog and set a new goal.

Maybe it’s time to start doing some guest blogging to increase your traffic. Go after that big-name blogger who’s always intimidated you and make it your goal to finally get him to accept your guest post.

Do some split testing on your landing pages because there’s always room for improvement. Spend a day really digging in to your analytics and see what you can improve there.

You can never have too much traffic or too many subscribers and you can never make too much money. Focus on setting some new goals for your blog and you’ll be surprised how fast you’re back in the game.

Establish A New Income Stream

Once you achieve your goals you get a kind of bittersweet feeling. You’ve worked so hard and so long to get here and now that you’ve made it, what next? Well, if you’re blog’s making money, then work on creating a new income stream so you can make more. Add a new category and start aiming for a broader audience then find a new way to monetize this additional traffic.

Any good business person realize the importance of diversification – it’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. So don’t rest on your laurels too long or you’ll lose focus. Get out there and diversify your business.

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  1. Travelyn

    the idea of being a bit controversial I am realizing could be a good thing. I tend to veer off that idea in the past, but now I think it is time to bring that aspect into my posts. I appreciate the idea of diversification when making an income stream. good ideas. thanks.

    1. Steven

      Hey Travelyn, controversy is a delicate subject. Be very careful when you start using it.

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