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That’s it, you’ve had it, you’re finished with that blog. Now you just need to figure out how to end it and put yourself out of misery. Here are seven suggestions for ending your blog.

1. Just Let It Fade Away

If it’s not damaging your reputation in any way, just let it ride until your domain registration expires. Do your readers a favor, though, and write a final post telling them when the blog will be coming down in case they’re using it as a resource.

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2. Redirect It

If you’ll be starting a new blog in a similar niche, consider using redirects on the URLs on your existing blog to give the new blog a little SEO boost.

3. Leave It Up As A Resource

You may be tired of that blog but it’s still a valuable resource. If you still have traffic coming in chances are they’re using your blog as a reference, which means it’s still a viable blog. Put AdSense on it or monetize it in some way so it’s paying its own hosting bill and just let it sit. At the very least, you’re providing valuable content for readers and someday you may decide to come back again.

4. Relaunch It

If you’re ending your blog because it just isn’t performing, take another look. Delete the really poor content and re-write the posts you keep. Clean up your navigation and blog design and give it another go. Of course, that’s assuming you’re still interested in that niche.

5. Bring On Another Blogger

If you’ve lost interest in the niche but your blog is still bringing in traffic and income, try bringing on another blogger. Maybe all you need is a little break from the daily grind of writing content. With a blogging partner, or even a contributor, they could take over the bulk of the content creation while you focus on special content and product creation.

6. Sell It

Obviously, if it has traffic and it’s producing income you’ll be able to find a buyer. But even if it’s not making money, there are a lot of people who might be interested in it just for the domain name. Clean it up a little and head on over to Flippa.

7. Delete It

This should be the last thing your do. If it’s damaging your reputation in some way and it can’t be saved then by all means, go ahead and delete it. If you’ve done something to get your blog blacklisted by Google, then go ahead and delete it because nobody will want to buy it. But even if it’s not getting any traffic and not making any sales, the domain name may still be worth something. I’d take a good look at it and see if there’s anything you can do to clean it up enough to sell.

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  1. Lisa

    Steven, this is very timely for me as I’m considering closing down one of my websites. I like the idea of writing a final post. It’s a retail site but adding that post to the blog would be a great idea to let folks know. Thanks!

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