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As a blogger you have a golden opportunity. You have the potential to sit and write about something that is important to you each and every day. If you do it well then you can even make a living out of it. How many people get the opportunity to truly do something they enjoy every day to pay the bills? Yet there are many that start blogs and fail. This may leave you wondering how that happens and how you can avoid it. There are actually many reasons that a blog may not be successful, but the most predominant one is easy. Those bloggers are not sharing their expertise on their blogs.

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share your expertise on your blog

It may seem simple to say that you should share something you understand, know well and are good at but many people do not do that. They either opt to follow previous successful blogs and write a generic play by play of life or they opt for something that may interest them without being something they are good at. Anyone can write about any topic. The most eloquent storytellers can even become quite successful doing so. However, the average person will never see success if they focus on topics they are not good at.

Let’s use the example of a food blog. There are many out there. They range from those that share their own personal recipes to those that discuss particular styles of cooking. Some of the more successful bloggers have gone on to have wildly flourishing books and even television shows. If you are interested in the area of food and inspired by this success you may find yourself wanting to create your own food blog. While the idea may be good, if you are not an aspiring chef with recipes that everyone is always asking for or a talented cook that knows about various methods of preparing food then the blog will never be the success you hope it to be.

The best way to avoid getting yourself into this mess and having your blog fail is to simply focus on what you are good at. What passions do you hold? What do others always ask you to do for them or give them advice about? These are the things you should be sharing with your audience. This is the expertise you should fall back on. When you do then you will find yourself much more successful because your audience will connect with you. They will feel they are gaining something by reading your blog.

In general it is best to steer away from generic free-for-all blogs. Some have achieved success with them, but it is rare. Focus on a topic and stick to it. Develop a style of writing that is known only to you. Find something that will grab your readers and keep them coming back. This is the best way to prevent failing from the beginning. You will find the success you want because your readers will be impressed with what you know. From there, you can turn your blog into anything you want it to be.

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